Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood is a riveting Young adult fantasy retelling of Jane Eyre. When I initially heard Lauren Blackwood’s young adult debut novel would be a Jane Eyre inspired retelling, I was very much ready for the book. It seemed like the perfect horror house story I wanted for my reading list. In case you like retelling of classic novels and need to read one that is one of a kind, look at “Within These Wicked Walls” by Lauren Blackwood.

Within These Wicked Walls By Lauren Blackwood | Retelling of Jane Eyre
Within These Wicked Walls By Lauren Blackwood | Retelling of Jane Eyre

Andi was banished from her home and she was raised by Jember and believed herself to be a debtera, an exorcist. Her concern is that she is not a licensed exorcist and wants a job to survive. She applies and got accepted to free a house of manifestations of the Evil Eye.

Andi shows up at the Rochester house and is welcomed by a dowdy caretaker, Peggy. Andi meets Tom, Emma, and Edward and thinks about how four individuals can really manage to care for a home of its size.

Magnus is Andi’s boss. He asks Andi to call him by his first name. Magnus unveils that he got the curse from his dad and asks if Andi knows why she was hired. Andi is stunned to discover that there were ten others hired before her, including Jember. Magnus has house rules that everybody is to comply, the first is everybody should be in their rooms at 10 pm. Andi breaks this because she believes she wants to discover how to dispel the manifestations starting with the most straightforward.

Before long Emma informs Andi that Edward has disappeared and it doesn’t take much time before Andi understands that she may be in a tough situation.

The curse is really creepy and my favourite thing from the book. Blood was spilling from places, phantoms were showing up, and the house was throughout cold. I liked that the house was really spooky rather than just apparently spooky like the original Jane Eyre. This was a one of a kind and fun story.

I ended up disliking Peggy and Jember. Peggy looked down on Andi and Jember was simply mean and aweful. I found Saba charming. It was astounding to know what her identity was. An unexpectedly sweet romance among Magnus and Andi was also good. Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood is good debut novel and I enjoyed it.

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