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Peter Swanson’s “A Talent for Murder” is a gripping psychological thriller that masterfully blends elements of suspicion, paranoia, and the chilling possibility of marital betrayal.

Riley Sager’s “Middle of the Night” is a compelling psychological thriller that delves into the dark recesses of memory, trauma, and the haunting specter of unresolved mysteries.

Lucy Foley’s latest novel, The Midnight Feast, continues her tradition of crafting intricate, multi-layered thrillers set against atmospheric backdrops.

Olivia Muenter’s debut novel, “Such a Bad Influence,” is a compelling thriller that delves into the dark side of social media fame and the pressures faced by child stars in the digital age.

“Horror Movie: by Paul Tremblay” is a masterfully crafted novel that transcends typical horror tropes, offering a deep, psychological exploration of fear and memory.

Katherine Center’s latest novel, “The Rom-Commers,” is a delightful celebration of romantic comedies, exploring themes of love, resilience, and self-discovery.

“Not in Love” by Ali Hazelwood is an engaging, steamy romance novel that intertwines corporate drama with intense personal relationships, continuing the author’s trend of blending STEM settings with romantic entanglements.