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“Daughter of Mine” by Megan Miranda is a compelling psychological thriller that delves into family secrets, small-town dynamics, and long-buried mysteries.

When She Was Me by Marlee Bush is a psychological thriller that delves into the dark and complex relationship between twin sisters, Cassie and Lenora.

“The Honey Witch” by Sydney J. Shields is a captivating debut novel that delves into themes of magic, love, and self-discovery, set against the enchanting backdrop of the Isle of Innisfree.

“Think Twice” is another thrilling installment in Harlan Coben’s renowned Myron Bolitar series. This suspenseful narrative delves deep into the complexities.

In this blog “Top 10 Novels Inspired by Asian Mythology”, we’ll explore ten novels that breathe new life into these ancient tales, using mythology as a creative foundation to craft captivating stories.

Kaliane Bradley’s The Ministry of Time is a captivating debut that fuses multiple genres, including science fiction, historical fiction, and romance, into an intriguing exploration of time travel and its consequences.