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Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?

Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?

Nowadays we do not wake up at 6 am or sit to study right after breakfast. We prefer to spend at least 15minutes on social media as soon as we wake up and check messages at least 50 times while studying. Technology and the digital world will simultaneously remain a blessing and a curse. Let’s read six points why do kids need books more than they need Facebook?

Distinct Matter Information

Facebook or social media is known for providing information about anything and everything. Be it about someone’s private life, a celebrity, and recipe of food, a certain destination, current affairs, and whatnot. On the other hand, a particular book will always provide information and knowledge about a specific topic or subject. Spending half an hour on Facebook means gathering information about a lot of people and a lot of things, but spending the same amount of time on a book leads to gaining knowledge about a specific story or a subject.

Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?
Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?

Lifetime Principles

Nowadays when a cell phone is a necessity, principles and morals are getting condoned. Facebook or any other social networking site will not provide morals or principles. But a book can offer you lifelong values, ethics, and the perception to judge between right and wrong.

Books are Relaxing

Yes, scrolling through Facebook or chatting with your best friend via messenger might sound entertaining but at the end of the day, you have to get a degree and basic knowledge to take care of yourself and your own expense later in life. Books not only give you knowledge but reading even 50 pages a day can be relaxing cause you will know that you have done something productive today which will help to pass your examination with flying colors.

Brings Positivity

Social media not only provides entertainment but also shares information about a lot of things that can cause displeasure in your mental health. Following celebrities and talking about them with your friends might give you the feeling of being advanced but it also gives you the urge to be like them or worse, look like them. Comparing your status or bodily features with anyone could never bring you a positive mindset. All the people that you look up to as your idol or inspiration have topped their fields with that specific knowledge. Yes, books are not the only way of surviving but it sure assists in the development of your personality and thus, brings positivity.

Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?
Why do Kids Need Books More Than They Need Facebook?

Improves Vocabulary

Books, newspapers, televisions, and magazines were the only way of increasing your vocabulary or getting familiar with new words but now we spend more time on social media than books. We avoid dictionaries because we can easily search for the meaning of any word on the internet. When you read a book, you are not only getting to know a lot of words but a lot of information which will help you in the future. When you use a dictionary to find a specific word, you can easily get acquainted with a lot of new words on the same page.

Builds Self-esteem by Increasing Intelligence

When you know a lot of things about a specific subject or a lot of topics, you have things to talk about. Books not only help you to increase your intelligence but it also helps you to know yourself better and know others. When you know things, you know how to communicate, which boosts your self-esteem and gives you the confidence to stand in between a crowd. People are keen to talk to intellectual people because they always want to learn and listen to what others have to say. Posting pictures on Facebook with filters or no-filters can provide you likes and comments but not self-confidence.

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