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Lightbringer By - Claire Legrand is a great conclusion to the Empirium Trilogy

Lightbringer : By – Claire Legrand is a great conclusion to the Empirium Trilogy

Lightbringer is a great conclusion to the Empirium Trilogy. After years spent attempting to turn down her powers and her dark desires to push them as far as possible, Queen Rielle is finally done with pretending. Rejected by the man she loved, feared by the country she pledged to protect, Rielle rather goes to Corien.  She is a dark fallen angel who has consistently guaranteed her greatness and demolition at the same time.

Thousand years later Eliana is yet attempting to see how her plan to stop Rielle before she breaks the world turned out badly. Isolated from her sibling, betrayed by the man she figured she could love. Eliana shows up at the Empire’s capital broken. However, that doesn’t prevent Corien from attempting to break her more and uncover the mysteries of how he can utilize Eliana to rejoin with Rielle in the past. The world has consistently been quick to mention to Rielle and Eliana what sort of woman they should be. With the destiny of the world balancing on a blade’s edge, both Rielle and Eliana should take their destinies, and the destiny of all of Avitas, into their own hands in Lightbringer by Claire Legrand.

Lightbringer is the last book in Legrand’s Empirium series which starts with Furyborn and continued in the 2nd book Kingsbane. Claire Legrand has said before that this is the series of her heart, the reason she became an author, and a huge undertaking. Seeing the finish of it, especially this ending, is ambivalent to say the least. Lightbringer gets soon after the finish of Kingsbane although a large portion of the plot depends on world building and plot established in the first book in the set of three.

Like different books in this series, Lightbringer is a long one (almost 600 pages as a hardcover). Sadly in this volume large numbers of the publication decisions move concentrate away from characterization and plot for repeated scenes of torture. Corien utilizes mental and physical viciousness against Eliana to see how she could head out to the past. In the meanwhile Rielle’s storyline is saturated with violence as Rielle learn Corien’s experiments to build beasts to battle his war and vessels for incorporeal angels.

Both the torment and violence all through Lightbringer got repetitive enough that as a peruser I felt inured to it. Rather than assisting the story, the torture removed page time from permitting the overarching narrative to unfurl, leaving a lot of that to occur in the last 150 pages of the book.

Lightbringer is a natural if not continually fulfilling conclusion to a really distinct series. This novel reclaimed a great deal of the flaws in Kingsbane or if nothing it made them justifiable, especially with respect to Rielle’s inspirations. While the end here feels inescapable, it stays bittersweet and leaves large numbers of the characters and the whole universe of Avitas perpetually changed. Unmistakably there are more stories to be told in Avitas and I trust Legrand will in the long run have the option to share them to readers. Lightbringer closes solid remaining inclusive, hot, and savvy making it a decent read.

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