Stranger in the lake written by Kimberly Belle is atmospheric and suspenseful with lots of twists and turns.

At the point when Charlotte wedded the rich widower Paul, it caused a wave of gossip in their little lakeside town. They have a charming life, regardless of the cruel gossips regarding her humble past and his first marriage. However, all that begins to unravel when Charlotte finds a young woman’s body floating in precisely the same spot where Paul’s first spouse tragically drowned.

In the beginning, it may appear to be a horrific coincidence, however the stranger in the lake is not just a stranger. Charlotte saw Paul talking to the same lady a day before. Despite the fact that Paul tells the police he has never met the lady. His lie exposes cracks in their delicate new marriage, cracks Charlotte is resolved to shield from breaking them in two.

As Charlotte reveals secrets about the man she wedded. She does not have the foggiest idea what to trust—her heart, which realizes that Paul is a good man, or her developing doubt that there is something he is covering up in the water.

According to me Stranger in the Lake opens upon Charlotte’s cheerful new life, married to rich Paul Keller and living in a lovely home. She loves the sense of security she is getting, having childhood in trailer parks without sufficient food. However, there are secret things she actually does not know about her better half. As he does not share what occurred with his first spouse and how she died.

Presently, as Charlotte is trying to discover something more, she finds a dead lady drifting in the lake at their dock. Too much of these incidents make Charlotte start to question her better half and the way that his first spouse was likewise found in the lake. His kinship with other people who are mysterious increases her interests about what occurred before. Furthermore, Paul has strangely disappeared during the initial investigation, and Charlotte ends up attempting to fill in the space for him.

We look at the past in substituted stories in “Stranger in the lake”. What are Paul and his companions covering up, and what is the secret behind the dead woman? The ending wrapped up little too smoothly, however a large portion of the questions were answered.

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