The Gilded Ones is the very first novel in Deathless series of Namina Forna. A series about determination and empowerment, despite all odds – and against the individuals who would strike them down. For last sixteen years Deka has been waiting  and dreading for this day. The day her blood is tested and accepted as a member of her village. Alternatively, on the other hand, she will be outcast if her blood does not run red. Deka’s life changed like forever on that day, as her blood runs gold. However, it does not end their. She is granted with a choice, battle for the emperor with girls like her own, or stay here and face a slow, painful death. It is actually not a choice by any means.

In case you are searching for a novel that will make you feel each possible feeling out there, then you should definitely get The Gilded Ones. Deka’s journey is incredible and painful at the same time. As she learns to battle with all the lessons taught to her since the day she was born. Her journey is wonderful, but it is likewise dark. She faces numerous difficulties, and some of them will make this a troublesome book to read for a few. I realized it personally.

The Gilded Ones includes a ton of graphic content, from the damage and torment that Deka takes, to the manner in which society deals with Deka and girls like her. It’s raw and disheartening to find out about, particularly on the grounds that it’s so painfully simple to envision being true. In any case, that component makes the end, and Deka’s change throughout the course of this novel, even more impressive and powerful. It is impossible not to feel for her, and expect that there is something on the horizon. Not just for her, however, for all the Gilded Ones.

“Always remember: a similar blessing they praise you for at present, they will execute you for the same, some other time.” The Gilded Ones is the heaviest young adult epic I have read, and likely for this year. I additionally believe it is one of the more significant ones, as the effect cannot be stayed away from. I’m as of now anticipating reading how Deka’s journey proceeds throughout the following two books.

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