The Project is a phenomenal story of sisters and what one would sacrifice for the wellbeing and love of another. Author Courtney Summers has a method of building up a story in a special style and keeping you to your toes, questioning things along the way. The Project is no different. The story is told from two sisters point of views, Bea and Lo, focusing primarily on Lo’s. However, the genuine kicker is the time. We get various parts of the past from Bea and afterward the present generally from Lo. That was the lone complaint I had. It got a bit confusing now and again the manner in which it was separated.

You simply need to focus on the years while reading “The project” and whose point of view you are in. It gives you all the foundation for what you will or will not believe in how Bea helped Lo. Bea and Lo’s story begins ordinary with two loving parents that have two little girls. Bea was a lone kid for a while, until her sister showed up. Her parents focus such a great amount around the way that “having a sister is a promise, nobody but you two can make-and nobody but you two can break”. That will be something that sounds accurate for their life and this story. At the point when misfortune strikes and Bea is given a way to save her sister’s life, she takes it.

From that point on, we will see an association between sisters, even from a distance. Also, it is one loaded up with misfortune and loneliness. This is the place where we start to comprehend the ramifications of Bea’s choices she made. However, Lo is intent to finding reality with regard to Bea, the connection she may have with what she saw happen at a train station. How everything drives back to The Unity Project What is The Unity Project? Some say it a cult. Some say a lifestyle. Also, Lo is going to find, so she can reunite with her sister.

Courtney Summers made me question who were the ‘heroes’ and who were the ‘trouble makers’. It in a real sense took me over a large portion of the book to make me a believer (of what? I will let you sort it out). All the characters were so critical to the overall arc of the story and the manner in which we perceived every person. Everybody and I mean EVERYONE is associated somehow. The manner in which Ms Summers made this, was only magic in her creative writing abilities.

Read “The project” or just listen to the audiobook. Experience the manner in which family comes first. Experience the manner in which an author will get creative in their storytelling to make you befuddled about what to believe.

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