Never Far Away by Michael Koryta beginnings with a horrifying scene including a lady named Nina Morgan. In the beginning she appears to be a hostage on the verge of being murdered. It turns out that Nina is a wife and mother of two little youngsters, who is working with the “hostage takers” to fake her own death. She is making a desperate endeavor to keep her family protected from her manager. Carson Lowery, whose contracting organization has been alluded to as “Blackwater on Steroids.”

The “hostage takers” had been recruited by Lowery to take out Nina before she could testify against him. Bad news for Lowery, the folks he recruited to do the task were irritated with him. That was to such an extent that they were ready to flip and work for Nina. Moreover, to convince Lowery that they had finished their task. Nina vanishes from Florida, realizing she will not ever see her husband and children again. She vanishes into the forested areas of Maine.

Story took ten years jump, and her husband and children have moved to Kentucky. Their they were raised thinking their mom died when they were young. Also that she had a sister, “Auntie Leah.” Now thirteen and ten years of age. The children were sent to live with their “Auntie” after their dad died in a car crash. Lowery, who has never quit searching for Nina, sends another pair of killers to finish the work the first killer messed up.

Never Far Away by Michael Koryta is a compelling thriller that is immersing and suspenseful. Leah is determined to protect her child and she will do anything to do that. She will even sacrifice her life for theirs. Nick is an easy to satisfy young man who adjusts fairly fast to their new lives. Hailey is resentful and dubious about Leah’s character and she will do anything to guarantee she and Nick are safe. Dax is shockingly interesting as he describe what his game-plan he will take upon his arrival in Maine. With interesting turns and twists, Michael Koryta brings this exciting novel to an edge of the seat ending. Never Far Away by Michael Koryta is a recommended read to people who like reading suspense thriller.

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