WHILE PARIS SLEPT by Ruth Druart is an emotional reading told in several sections. The book primarily chronicling a story of the repercussions of World War II. We start with Jean-Luc and Charlotte, who escaped France with a newborn child and went to the US, where they have assimilated. Around 10 years after the fact, Jean-Luc is taken in to be interrogated by the police. Interrogation was about his time in France and work on the railway at a station that was used to move Jewish people from France to camps like Auschwitz.

While Paris Slept By Ruth Druart
While Paris Slept: By Ruth Druart

In an emotional section as a train headed for Auschwitz a young mother settles on a tragic choice. She slips her new born child into the arms of a railway worker with the words save my child. The railway worker, Jean-Luc needs to shoot a Nazi watchman in the leg and take his uniform to get away with the child. He hurries to his girlfriend Charlotte since he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do with the child. Presently they are both on the run from the Nazi’s with the child. The parents David and Sarah are headed to Auschwitz.

After eight years Charlotte and Jean-Luc and their child Sam are living in California. Life is good and Sam is a healthy happy son. Then the police thumped on their door. Sarah and David have been looking for their child and he has been found.

WHILE PARIS SLEPT by Ruth Druart is about the earlier time with the infant Samuel. However, for the most part it is about after Samuel is gotten back to his Jewish parents Sarah and David. How would they reconnect with their sad homesick child that needs to be with Charlotte and Jean-Luc? What are they willing to do to keep him happy?

This is a story of two couples loving one child as their own son. One raised the child while the other gave him birth. Both need the best for Sam however just one of the couples can be his parents. It is an awful story and will make you cry for everybody. Such countless families were destroyed, kids isolated from guardians. WHILE PARIS SLEPT by Ruth Druart is about the repercussions of World War II

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