The Obsession by Jesse Sutanto is a riveting and at the same time creepy young adult spine chiller. Delilah lives with her mom and her mom’s abusive boyfriend. She feels as if her life is trapped, in no small part since he is a cop and therefore, she has no option for reporting. As she watches her and her mom’s lives getting destroyed, and seeing the way laying before them. Delilah makes a move that ends her mom’s boyfriend’s life.

The Obsession By Jesse Sutanto
The Obsession By Jesse Sutanto

Logan has felt like a person without any motive until he sees Delilah. However, he immediately realizes that she was meant for him. He starts to follow her, and his cameras set up around her home catch the real way in which her mom’s boyfriend died. Simultaneously, he is charming Delilah, determined to show her how wonderful they would be together. When he plays his hands too early on their first date, as he used the video to force her into continuing to date him. He thinks that she just requirements time to see how wonderful they are for one another.

Told from every one of their POVs, The Obsession by Jesse Sutanto is exceptionally compelling and moves rapidly. It is extremely dark, to some extent as a result of the abuse and also due to the blackmailing and stocking. There’s likewise another unexpected component that comes later in the book. The writing is totally riveting, and the pacing is perfectly awesome. This is a book that is surely unputdownable. Delilah is a truly compelling character, and it was fascinating to see her life and mindset.

The ending goes to a crescendo with an astounding and dark finish, that once you arrive at it feels inevitable. I wish there was somewhat more to the story, since I truly like to know what happens a bit beyond. However, it wraps up the major plotlines well and the open-endedness does work for the story.

The Obsession by Jesse Sutanto is a fast paced and stunning young adult thriller. Strongly recommended to people who like reading such stories.

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