A Stranger in town by Kelley Armstrong presents another spine-chiller mystery set in the remote community of Rockton. Casey and Dalton were simply spending time with their friends when a woman ran out of the forest towards them badly injured. The kicker? She does not speak English. Settling on a quick choice, they take her back to Rockton so April can treat her. In spite of the fact that when they attempt to ask her what happened, they are again raised against a language barrier. However, one of their most current residents ends up understanding what language she’s speaking and speak a tad bit of it himself. Coincidence or simply a luck?

A Stranger in Town
A Stranger in Town By Kelley Armstrong

One incidence after another and then another and unexpectedly Casey is looking at numerous killings occurring in this not-so-remote forest. With two contradicting groups of pilgrims and the wild unfriendly group, there is no deficiency of suspects. Then to exacerbate the situation, Emilie, one of the council members and original founder of Rockton comes to town for mysterious reasons. The gossip skimming in and out of town is that the committee might be needing to close Rockton down for all time. With murderers around and the danger of the town’s actual presence, Casey has her hands full.

A Stranger in town by Kelley Armstrong is also very much paced like all of Kelley’s mysteries. I enjoyed in the story and I liked it when we can get insider facts about the secret gathering that monetarily backs Rockton and keeps it running. They are a major mystery themselves. There is still a touch of romantic intervals between Casey and Dalton and that is consistently decent as it offers them a brake from the current chaos.

I would not say A Stranger in town closes with a cliffhanger, however it closes with a very big question at hand, one that will eventually decide the future books to come. At least I have the appropriate answer that we should at least have one more secret with Casey and Dalton and I am happy about it! Kelley’s universes are so natural to get sucked into, both the paranormal and contemporary the same. Anticipating the following Rockton mystery.

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