What Abigail Did That Summer by Ben Aaronovitch is a wonderful spin-off novella in the series. Series we know as Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. Primary character Abigail Kamara is an entertaining, brilliantly intelligent, wickedly sarcastic, precocious, and pretty tired of the world’s rules. I love her mentality from my protected vantage point away from the aftermath which follows everything she might do. Indeed, even in the primary series, she is constantly been one of my number one characters.

What Abigail Did That Summer: By Ben Aaronovitch
What Abigail Did That Summer: By Ben Aaronovitch

Abigail is a biracial London girl. Her uncle works as a wizard on the police force. using tips she learned from her uncle (supernatural and insightful abilities). Abigail tries to solve the mystery of missing local teens, with assistance from a group of talking spy foxes.

For those new to the series, this is not the place where you need to start reading the series. Mainly because there are just so much backstory that can be wedged in. The Nightingale, Rushpool, Sky Gardens, Falcon, the Folly, and so on. As they are mentioned without much explanation.

What Abigail Did That Summer by Ben Aaronovitch has a different ambience. Most likely because I’m used to Peter’s voice. He is a more of an Everyman, an easy going character who is regularly diverted by architecture, in addition to other things. From the start, I wanted to settle myself into Abigail’s point of view and voice. Since she is a prickly teen, who can be stroppy. Honestly, right off the start I discovered myself thinking of her as El or Galadriel from “A Deadly Education,” in spite of the fact that El is irritating and ruder.

I did settle and joyfully read about Abigail and foxes. That to comfortable in my easy chair and a cup of tea in my hand. What Abigail Did That Summer is a quick but fun reading, but I hope Peter Grant returns soon.

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