Realm breaker by Victoria Aveyard is my first novel by this author, and let me tell you, that’s how you meet an author. I was fascinated by the cover art of Realm Breaker, at first it grabbed my attention. Then I began to see it more regularly on social media and I got sucked into the excitement of reading it at release. The book has been portrayed as something close, but different, to The Guardians of the Galaxy. Furthermore, when you read these books you will realize whose character coordinates with the group of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Realm breaker By Victoria Aveyard (Magical, Epic Adventure)
Realm breaker By Victoria Aveyard (Magical, Epic Adventure)

Corayne has always longed for the sea, of looking the horizon. However, when an immortal and an assassin show up, revealing to her that rifts are being torn between realms. That her blood makes her the one in particular who can close those tears? Corayne thinks possibly she has content where she is after all. 17-year-old saving the realm is the main stories, not Corayne’s boring life. But, along the excursion she will become friends with new allies and make new enemies from across the realms. She may have started this excursion on account of her past, However, if Corayne needs a future she should battle to save the realms – or watch it fall around her.

There are insufficient platitudes for Realm Breaker. This story is epic, without a doubt, and will get you, charm you, and leave you longing for more. Victoria Aveyard has made a fabulous – and fantastically immense – new world for readers to explore, with striking details, unique characters, and an unbelievable story. Since Aveyard is introducing book readers with a unique world, Realm Breaker gets going with some exposition and world building. The action rapidly gets going, however, soon the reader is dodging capture, eavesdropping, and battling directly close by our band of legends. The characters in Realm Breaker are different, coming from all over the realms with a wide range of status and background.

It’s obvious from the absolute first chapter that Aveyard isn’t here to write another commonplace fantasy story. No longer is the world being saved by white men and old wizards; readers can jump into an existence where ladies are worldly and the old people commit errors while recognizing his affections for the first time. Aveyard has written a different kind of epic fantasy where it’s OK for young ladies to be solid, courageous, and curious, and young men can be supporting leaders and followers. Aveyard’s writing will grab you into the story, and it will not take long the reader is set for save the realms directly close by Corayne. Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard is a magical, epic adventure that is fantasy at its best.

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