Into the Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer is the fourth novel I have read, and she has solidified her place on my most loved writers list. I did not realize while going into it that this story was somewhat of a gender bent Beauty and the Beast. However, the connection is clear after reading the writer’s note, and it makes it much more perfect. Honestly, I will anxiously read anything this writer writes.

Into the Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer begins with Owen. Owen lives on the edge of a dangerous wood where nobody else will wander. He loves his mom’s music and his dad’s stars. Owen’s dad is the king’s astrologist, which necessitates their living plans. His mom was lost to the witch’s wood years prior, led to her demise by one of the witch’s awful tree siren. Owen has never thought of going to a similar fate until he encounters one siren who is nothing similar to what he anticipates.

Everything about “Into the Heartless Wood” was great. I liked Owen and Seren. Their relationship was extraordinary and sad and flawless. Joanna Ruth Meyer always layers her story with such a lot of atmosphere, feeling, and exciting twists. Her books consistently follow a recipe that I have come to anticipate and cherish. They start with a story that apparently wraps up halfway through the book. However, it generally prompts something considerably more grand and unexpected. I love the scale and heart every one of her books has.

This book was somewhat darker than the writer’s other work. However, that is actually what I anticipated from a story about a dark wood witch and a brutal tree sirens. There is death and violence and blood, yet additionally love and expectation. The writing is melodious and reminiscent of a fantasy, but in an exceptionally dark way.

I think Joanna’s books are not for everybody. However, In case you’re searching for a climatic, lyrical, dark fantasy with forbidden friendship and magic, don’t miss “Into the Heartless Wood” by Joanna Ruth Meyer!

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