If The Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy is a fun and sweet tale. This book is an adorable and light-hearted rethinking of the classic fantasy. An astoundingly new take on a modern time Cinderella, blended in with a little bit of The Bachelor. Gone are the old evil stepmothers and double-crossing stepsisters. Instead, this story is about a complicated relationship between a well-meaning stepmother and a step-daughter.

If The Shoe Fits By Julie Murphy Is A Fun And Sweet Tale
If The Shoe Fits By Julie Murphy Is A Fun And Sweet Tale

Cindy is a recently graduated fashion designer suffering from creative block. She gets back to her stepmother’s home with expectations of stirring her dream and discovering herself once more. I like Cindy. She is spunky, loaded with backtalk, and confident in a way most larger size ladies aren’t. I like that she goes for what she needs and doesn’t subscribe to any labels. To put it plainly, Cindy is a symbol for pleasantly plump women.

In the course of recent couple of years, Cindy’s life has changed drastically. With the unexpected death of her dad, she’s an orphan. Her step mom tries to make her comfortable, however Cindy doesn’t feel like she has a family left. Now here is one of the numerous things Murphy adjusted from the original story that I totally adored. Cindy’s step family is stunning! I liked her step mother for making a special effort to ensure Cindy realizes that she is loved and has family regardless of whether they aren’t blood. I liked her stepsisters as well! They are by and large what I envision sisters to be.

Overall, I truly liked If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy. Cindy is fun, I love Henry, and the idea of Before Midnight is a great way of discovering your prince. It made me keep thinking about whether Murphy has worked on or has been a part of any reality television show. Mainly because her portrayals appear to be too exact even to consider being fiction. I highly suggest this one to people who are fan of contemporary romance.

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