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Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius

Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius

Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius

Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius: Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane Michael Morbius debuted in the pages of amazing spider-man issue 101 in 1971. He was born and raised in Greece by his mother the owner of a book shop. She isolated her son from other people due to his rare blood disease. At the same time, Michael was an intelligently gifted boy who spent his time reading a lot of books. Due to his deep knowledge and achievements in biochemistry he became the Nobel Prize winner.

To get over an illness Morbius his friend Emil Niko’s and Michael’s fiancee Martine Bancroft developed an experimental treatment using vampire bat DNA “an electroshock”. Although they managed to cure Michael, he turned into a pseudo vampire and acquired all typical vampire characteristics such as a lust for human blood and superhuman powers. Also his appearance changed and he gained fangs bat-like nose and pale photosensitive skin. However Morbius is not limited by traditional vampire weaknesses. He’s not afraid of holy water garlic and can even move in daylight if circumstances require so. At the same time, he has to ingest blood regularly to sustain his life.

The mutation caused by the treatment provided Morbius with incredible strength speed and heightened senses such as echolocation and night vision. He can control the minds of living beings in case they have less willpower plus he possesses a rapid regeneration Factor. Besides that, Morbius can levitate and navigate the wind to glide for any distance and don’t forget about his highly developed intelligence and deep knowledge of biochemistry.

Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius
Who is Morbius? Origin and Powers of Morbius

Morbius has appeared several times within the pages of Marvel Comics. He was a spider-man’s enemy as well as a rival of CIA agent Simon Stroud. In addition, he teamed up with Doctor Strange to protect the earth against the occult danger. He even friends with a werewolf by night and formed a legion of monsters with Man Thing and Ghost Rider in the Marvel issue number 28 and of course Morbius was at feud with a famous vampire slayer blade. In case you want to know more about this character, you definitely should get acquainted with such comic book series such as Marvel team-up, vampire tales, a venture into fear and giant sized superheroes issued number one.

Moreover in 1992 more story was told in his own series Morbius the living vampire that ran for 32 issues and in 2013 the character appeared in another comic book series Morbius the living vampire written by Jo Keaton and illustrated by Richard Ellison. Besides the mentioned crossovers Morbius appeared in various cartoons video games and TV series. The fans of spider-man animated series could see this character in several episodes of this animated TV series. Besides, he appeared as a scientist in two episodes of ultimate spider-man.

The idea to release a movie about this character goes back to 2000 when Marvel Entertainment and artisan entertainment drew up an agreement to turn at least 15 Marvel franchises into live-action films. The adaptation of Morbius was included in this list. There’s even a deleted ending for the first blade movie where the living vampire appears out of nowhere. He was supposed to become an antagonist of a sequel but unfortunately this idea didn’t go any further.

In addition the amazing spider-man 2 includes a scene where Gary Osborn Scrolls through many files and projects and if you pay attention to the documents you see the label dr. Morbius file. Right now Sony Entertainment is going to surprise us with the movie about this character. Although there are several facts that prove that Morbius origin will be changed in the film, we still should expect to enjoy the thrill of his story.

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