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7 tips to improve your memory power

7 Tips to Improve Your Memory Power

7 tips to improve your memory power

In today’s world distraction is easy to find and it comes in several different ways – social media, online shopping apps, dependency on the phone, and more. I mean capitalism is dominating the world. And, as we grow old our mind doesn’t remain as sharp as they were when we were small. So, it is very important to take care of your memory. In this article, we are going to read about 7 tips to improve your memory power.

Create a Routine

A routine is very essential to leading a productive life. It does not have to be a time to time routine, you can just write things down that you want to be completed tomorrow, and then check the points once you are done. But make sure to add certain things that you want to build as your habit, such as exercising, reading books, or going for a walk.

Pay Attention

Paying attention to things is very important. You can go on for hours with a book in your hand, but are you recognizing each sentence are you comprehending what you are reading, that is the real question. We all should study as much as we can but we should study smart. Studying for 3 hours and understanding nothing is better than studying for 1 hour and comprehending what you just read. Your brain needs to function well because just like our body our brain gets exhausted too. So, in case you think you do not understand a single word that is coming out of your mouth. Stop, close the book, go for a walk, take a small break, give your mind the time it needs to feel refreshed, and then start again.

7 Tips to Improve Your Memory Power
7 Tips to Improve Your Memory Power

Eat Good Food

Good food is really important for your brain. It is very important to eat good food such as a lot of protein, an adequate amount of water, and more to keep your body and brain healthy. You can always have junk food on the weekends but try to keep it low because the food you eat affects both your mind and body.

Mental Workout

A mental workout is very important for the refreshment of the brain to add up new information every day. A mental workout can involve reading daily, say start with 30 pages every day and you can slowly increase the number of pages. In that way, you are providing your mind an opportunity to add other things and their functions as a mental exercise.

Get Creative

Creativity can come from anywhere and everywhere. You can practice writing a page every day. You can start drawing or take lessons in a new language. When you are involved in something other than your primary concern, it helps your brain to feel positive and provides you with good vibes. Because it is really hard for us to appreciate little things in today’s world, you always have to be perfect, which negatively affects our brain.

7 Tips to Improve Your Memory Power
7 Tips to Improve Your Memory Power


Exercise is one of the best ways to feel productive and it does help you physically and mentally. The purpose of the exercise is not only about physical appearance but it is also about the positivity you gain from it. It helps you to feel productive, positive, and often provides good sleep.

Sleep More

Sleep is the best possible way that can help you increase your memory power. According to studies, adult human beings especially people involved in education and job should sleep a maximum of 8 hours. More sleep means more rest. When your body is well-rested, it helps your mind to think properly and in ae a positive direction. So, sleep is an essential aspect if you want to increase your memory power.

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