The Captive by Fiona King Foster provided me with a bigger number of questions than answers. It unquestionably had my complete attention From the primary page. Brooke Holland lives in a place that has no connections to the rest of the world. Alongside her better half and children, they live on a farm, somehow making sufficient to survive. The life they have chosen might be difficult to survive. However, they welcome the freedom and isolation. At the point when Brooke goes to the closest town to get supplies. She is out of nowhere and out of the blue confronted with a face from her past. A past that she has tried hard to forget, and one that her family does not know exists.

A wanted criminal Stephen Cawley is somebody Brooke fears. At the point when he appears on her farm in “The Captive”. Brooke realizes she has only one decision. It is either him or her family, so she chooses to catch him. Hand him over to the law, and collect the huge prize that is offered, if he is turned in alive. In any case, the marshal isn’t just down the road, and Brooke and her family should survive the elements. The danger of Cawley’s family, and one another if they desire to make it back to their farm. Indeed, even with these dangers, Brooke is hesitant to share her past with her family, and they barely recognize the lady she has become.

The setting was well visualized and captured into words in “The Captive”. I loved feeling like I was making this journey as well. However, I never completely associated with Brooke. She had a ton of hidden secrets, and I understand her concern to keep it hidden. Yet, when her past attacked her present. Then also she did not reveal crucial data that would have assisted her family with understanding what the hell was going on. The vast majority of her choices appeared to cause more damage than anything else, and I just couldn’t get why.

Other than that “The Captive by Fiona King Foster” was a fast-paced read that quickly tossed me into a recognizable, yet unknown world. Finding out about Brooke’s backstory helped me to relate more with her character, and I was left interested in the story, while not so captivated with the characters.

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