DC Comics, one of the two major comic book companies, has created a huge and diverse universe of superheroes over the years. While “The Trinity” of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have long been their mainstay heroes, other characters have broken through to become well-liked figures in their own right. The current explosion in popularity of comic books and media based on them has greatly aided these characters in expanding their fan bases and exposure. Here is a list of the ten most profitable characters of DC universe, which includes both enduring favourites and underdogs.


Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe - Batman
Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe – Batman

Naturally, the most iconic DC superhero continues to be the Dark Knight himself. Batman is the subject of some of the most celebrated comics in the history of the comic book industry. His high standards of excellence include compelling psychological and crime-noir tales, as well as some of the best DC villains in the rogues’ gallery.

Batman’s strongest storylines are outstanding examples of the way damaged psychological weaknesses are explored, as well as how intense emotional suffering may be transformed into an unstoppable force for good and salvation. That even in times of oppressive darkness, a way out is always available. Because it is necessary for mankind to survive, redemption is another everlasting message.



Among the most well-known figures who have come to represent the term “superhero” in general is The Son of Krypton. The tale of Clark Kent as Superman is an everlasting example of the best that humanity is capable of as a whole. It’s also a symbol of accepting people from various backgrounds since, despite being from Krypton, Superman is a true “Man of Tomorrow” who embodies the best of what it is to be a person.

He is the epitome of what everyone should aspire to be, yet he is also a compelling character who struggles and succeeds despite his setbacks and weaknesses. In comic books, Superman and Batman have a wonderful connection and dynamic that frequently serves as the focal point of stories like World’s Finest and occasions like Kingdom Come.

Wonder Woman

Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe - Wonder Woman
Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, one of the most recognizable superheroes in general, deserves to be considered a member of “The Trinity.” The Princess of Themyscira is among the original members of the Justice League, along with Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman has shown amazing strength, loyalty to her principles, and compassion for others.

The superhero is partly responsible for destroying outmoded stereotypes, while also bringing alive vivid, epic tales embracing Greek mythology and the numerous centuries of humanity. The latter of which was partially revealed as a result of her affiliation with the Justice Society.



The Joker is a key villainous role model, despite the fact that the majority of villains are far too intelligent to collaborate with him. Despite thinking like he shouldn’t be a threat, The Joker’s crimes in Gotham earned him a reputation, and he is still a persistent pain on Batman’s side. Joker challenges Batman using bombs, poison, and other commonplace weapons despite the fact that he has more resources than any other superhero. The Joker can transform anything into a dangerous weapon and never gives up the fight. The Joker became Batman’s greatest foe by inflicting painful injuries on the whole Bat Family.


Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe - Aquaman
Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe – Aquaman

Within the superhero fandom, Aquaman frequently found himself on the receiving end of jokes. People weren’t made aware of the hero’s importance to the Justice League due to misconceptions about him.

The character’s misconceptions began to be cleared up by more contemporary comics, which also tackled concerns like belonging and told compelling tales showcasing Aquaman’s actual power. He is the ideal character for the latter basis since he is someone who is responsible for both of the groups and universes in which he finds himself.

The Flash

The Flash
most profitable characters of DC universe – The Flash

The Flash character is most often associated with Barry Allen, who also plays a major role in some of the most crucial moments in the DC Universe. When people think of superspeed, The Flash frequently is the first superhero that comes to mind. He even had a key role in DC’s triumphant revival of the superhero genre, which propelled comics into the Silver Age.

In order to explore the idea of the universe, the “Fastest Man Alive” is a fantastic and crucial character. The Flash’s Flashpoint crossover, which has significant implications for the DC cosmos, is without a doubt the most notable story arc of all time.


Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe - Nightwing
Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe – Nightwing

Dick Grayson, who joined Bruce Wayne’s Batman to form the Dynamic Duo, has established himself as one of the most cherished and significant members of the Bat family. Dick stepped out and created Nightwing after losing interest in being a supporting superhero and moving past it.

He was a fan favorite on his own merits and made for great emotional support for his adoptive father thanks to his charisma, kindness, and empathy. Bruce claims that Dick Grayson exemplifies Batman in his most basic form. The majority of fans appear to concur, thinking that he is the only candidate best qualified to take on the mantle of Batman.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

In recent years, Harley Quinn has become a favorite character among DC Comics readers. She was initially developed for Batman: The Animated Series, but as she became more well-known, she appeared in movies and obviously comic books. From the Joker’s love-sick doctor to a part of the Suicide Squad and then to her own anti-hero, the character has seen a significant amount of development. The character, a comical criminal who became a hero in the manner of Marvel’s Deadpool, has encountered numerous difficulties throughout the years.

From heroes, she faced off against as a villain and to villains who followed her after she turned into a hero. She doesn’t actually possess any superhuman abilities, but Poison Ivy has given her immunity to poisons. She stands apart from most characters with her unshakable spirit, determination to give in, and her capability to talk down to others. At times, Harley does exhibit extraordinary power.


Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe - Shazam
Most Profitable Characters of DC Universe – Shazam

DC’s Shazam steadily gains popularity with the general public, thanks to The Shazam! film. Billy Batson, his alter ego, is a little boy, but as he becomes a mature metahuman, he acquires the power to transform into the superhero Shazam. The superhero is proof of the emotional resonance that may be achieved with less complex, lighthearted characters, and narratives.

The premise of Shazam offers a cheery and intriguing dynamic of a “Superman” who, in the end, is still experiencing typical childhood growing pains, which is a welcome contrast from the dark and gritty. He continues to manage the duties and power level on par with Superman for this entire period.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Green Lantern

The DC Comics version of Hal Jordan is possibly the one that gets used the most frequently. He, John Stewart, and Alan Scott are the three most recognizable Green Lanterns. Given that the Green Lantern Corp. is an interstellar peacekeeping army full of them, one of the narrative advantages of the Green Lantern character is how diverse individual versions can be.

It opens up an infinite number of potential character types. But with his stated ideological character study of Green Arrow as a highlight, Hal Jordan has produced several outstanding tales. The new perspectives the two acquire result in one of DC’s most enduring friendships.

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