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why you should never give up?

Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons

Never Give Up: As soon as you give up your goals or dreams you ensure your failure. Because we talk about why you should never give up, let’s reflect on why we give up. The reasons are common and often heard of. Perhaps things got difficult, we fear failure, we get hopeless, success is uncertain, and more. If you have a set goal or dream for yourself you have to work for it. No one is going to give it to you. You will have your easy days, productive days, happy days, and also the days you will hate. Giving up is smooth and the journey to success is like a roller coaster ride. However, if you stick to the ride and finish it, that’s when you win. Remind yourself time and again why you should never give up and these are the top 9 reasons.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

You Are Yet to Achieve Your Aim

The most essential reason why you should not give up is that you have not achieved your goal yet. As long as you are physically and mentally healthy, just keep trying. Ask yourself time and again why you started in the first place. Do you want to give up without pushing yourself a little bit? Always push your limits and you will reach where you wanted to be.

Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons
Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons

You Have Made it till Here

If you ever feel like you are wasting your time, just look back and retrospect. There was a time when you hesitated to even start and now look at you. You have started your journey and you have come so far. Would you like to waste all your effort? Do you want to give up now?

You Are Not the Only One Going through Self-Doubt

Do you think you would not make it, you are inadequate, or perhaps you are wasting your time? You have to understand that self-doubt is common. Everyone successful person in their life doubted themselves. They hadn’t felt optimistic and confident every time. All of them doubted themselves however they chose to ignore them and move forward. You have to do the same.

The Road to Success is Always Difficult

You were probably motivated, disciplined, and devoted to following this goal in the beginning. However, now things feel more complex than before and you want to give up. When you listen to stories of popular people, do you hear them saying that it was easy? Success never comes easy. Very few people follow their dreams and do what they wanted to do. Most people are chasing after money because it’s a necessity. Every time someone has followed their dreams they have gained extraordinary success.

Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons
Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons

You have to live the Uncertainty for the Extraordinary to Happen

Often people give up because they are unsure. As soon as you begin caring about your safety and certainty you start living a mediocre life. If you always know what is going to happen, would be able to create or be something ground-breaking. Suppose there is one person who is telling you each day what you’re going to do. Would be able to find your identity in a place where you are being told what to be? Similarly, you can’t and won’t know what will happen next.

You Need to Taste Failure

Failure is way more essential and significant than success. It makes you wiser, and stronger and prepares you for success. The preparation for success is vital as it will make you learn how to balance your success. You need to wake up each day and move forward, and you can’t stop till your reach your destination.

You Are Feeling What You’re Supposed to Feel

Every time you want to give up just ask yourself why are you giving up. The pain and difficulty are too much. Yes, it is but if it was easy then anyone would have achieved it, right? If you are giving up because it is getting unbearable, remember achievement will be permanent, unlike the pain. Every successful being had to suffer, that is what makes them stand out and be the superior in the room.

Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons
Why You Should Never Give Up? – Top 9 Reasons

You don’t want to live With Regrets

Okay, you have given up on your dreams, now what? Imagine you gave up and abandoned all your hard work to date, and after a month you realized that you were so close to your goal. Now, can you imagine that feeling, the feeling that you have failed yourself by not being a bit more resilient? You will carry that regret on your back for the rest of your life. The worst possible thing that can happen is you will fail. However, you would know that you have tried and you have learned a lot, which is always better than giving up.

You Need to Achieve the Pay Off

It is natural for you to doubt your efforts and future events – will it work out or not? Will you get what you deserve or not? All these questions are there. And, your hard work will pay off, the only way it won’t is when you give up. Push yourself a little more each day. The day you will taste your success and reach the finish line you would realize how different and beautiful the feeling is. You would thank yourself for not giving up.

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