During times when we question our capability and what the future holds for us, when parents warn us about the outer world and how it is only about ‘competition’, we tend to forget that we have books to rescue us from this black hole of negativity. Books are escapades into a world you would like to venture out in your deepest psyche. Books are like time machines that take you on a journey across various time spaces as you turn pages in anticipation. Whether fiction or nonfiction, a good book has a lot to offer you to help you grow and gain a perspective. Student-life is an important phase of a person’s life journey and can impact a person’s overall becoming in the big bad world. Let’s know about ways in which books can inspire students and change their life.

Inculcating Values

Books have the power to bestow upon the reader some really good life lessons and values. Often a good book takes a person on a journey where he or she learns or unlearns a lot about life and gains a fresher perspective. Books can inspire w student with values of determinism, hard work , honesty, dedication, confidence and so on.

Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life
Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life

Supremely Competent of Building Self-Confidence

Books are the only way by which one gets to learn anything and everything about this world; be it comprehending the psychology behind someone’s action, the laws of gravitation, or the reasons behind writing particular poetry. There is nothing that you would not know from a book. Books are one of the most significant weapons that build confidence among students. The more knowledge they have the more they will stand out in the crowd. When they know about the variety of topics, they have more things to discuss and to know about.

Help You to Know What You are Passionate About

Is going to school/college, getting a degree, and working as an employee the only way out? The answer is NO. When students read Robinson Crusoe they want to become a voyager, when they read Einstein they want to create something and when they play cricket they want to be a cricketer.

Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life
Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life

With each book, you read you learn a lot of things and you get to know yourself a little bit more. How? When we read a novel and then we decide to read about the background of it, why did the author choose to write something like this? How was their life? The curiosity of students helps them to realize which topic or subject they are more inquisitive about. It helps to realize if they are more of a literature person or they are zealous about science and its inventions. Thus, books also help students to know themselves better.

Strengthening Mental Health

Being a student can be a stressful time where anxiety can time and again strike a student with its iron hand. Books can offer a source of relief in such stressful times. Books offer a panorama into a world of fiction where the student can find solace and meaning. A student can distract himself or herself by reading a good book and developing a coping mechanism in the process.

Help You to Increase Your Vocabulary

Knowing a lot of words will not only help writing an essay or notes with rich words but also help to build self-confidence. The more books students will read the more terms they would be familiar with.

You Get to Learn a lot

A lot does not justify how much one can learn and know just by reading books. Each and everything in this world is captured in books. If you read a history book, you get to know which empire conquered the most regions of a country. If you read about William Wordsworth you get to know how and why the Romantic Period commenced in the history of literature. Poems, short stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, and more; there is no end of knowing and there is no end of the reading.

Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life
Ways in Which Books Can Inspire Students and Change Their Life

Changing the Outlook Towards Life

Books can contribute significantly towards changing the perspective towards life. How one looks at life gains a fresher meaning when one develops a habit of reading . Life can be seen from a kaleidoscope when one reads different books and meanings can be added to life in layers of depth and understanding through books.

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