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Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible

Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible

Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible

“Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible.”

-Jeffrey Fry

The inspiring Quote is penned down by Jeffrey Fry. Every quote has its own significance and impact. The writer has his/her own perspective and thoughts while quoting a quote but its meaning and message may differ from every person. The messaging and meaning of a quote depends on a person’s perspective and point of view. We believe that the Quote can be a life changer for many individuals and can provide new perspectives to many basic but significant facts of life. This piece of writing can provide a perfect perspective to individuals who wanna make their dreams into reality and even for the individuals who are scared of dreaming & thinking big for themselves. So, today we’ll be providing our perspective on the quote and will be discussing about its messaging in detail.

What exactly is Impossible 

Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible
Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible

The term impossible may sound as a very basic or simple term. When directly translated the word means anything which isn’t possible. But that’s the catch, not possible for whom? Is the big question. Running 15 laps of a park might not be possible for you, so you may say it’s an impossible thing but there may be an athlete for who doing so is a normal norm and does the task with ease. In this case you might say that the example is very individualistic and a random one. Impossible tasks or things are generally things which are referred to by the masses or society as an undoable task. In that matter take the example of many successful ventures, inventions or rags to riches stories. All of them have one common factor that no one believed it was possible until it turned into a reality. Be it man’s Moon landing or connecting with a friend on a video call. All the things were considered impossible at one point of time.

How to turn Impossible into Possible

Unfortunately we won’t be sharing any secret formula or instant remedy of turning impossible into possible. As there is no such hack that can be used to do so. The only thing we can do is to guide you in the right direction and provide some knowledge & information. For making the so-called impossible into a reality you need to find your own methods and ways. Because the path to success of making an impossible task possible isn’t available as it hasn’t been successfully done. If the task was done by anyone it wouldn’t be called impossible, it would have been referred to as ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’.

Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible - By Jeffrey Fry
Only Those who can See the Invisible, can Do the Impossible – By Jeffrey Fry

Finding Ways and Methods

When you are on a mission to achieve something that appears impossible or are looking to turn an impossible task into a reality. Then finding ways or methods is one of the toughest and most important aspects of your journey. You need to find your own ways and methods to succeed in your journey. Hard work, will power, focus are the basic necessities in the process. But one important thing is finding your own methods through your journey’s experience and struggles. Your experience and struggles will provide you with all the important answers and can solve the quarries which are becoming a barrier for you in the journey. Even after finding the answers to your quarries and creating your own ways & methods. The journey of making impossible into possible won’t be a cake walk. It will still have many obstacles and struggles. But after developing your own path you’ll get clarity in your thoughts which will be reflected in your actions too.

The major Takeaways

To make your dreams or impossible looking task turn into a reality you need to see the invisible. The invisible here means the idea, plan, path or method that nobody knows or believes in. Understanding your goal or ambition is the first and the most important step. Which should be aligned with a method, plan or thought. This will eventually turn into action and will help you in reaching your final destination. In this journey you need to enrich your arsenal with will power, focus and self belief.

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