Unthinkable by Jamie Raskin is a book that catches the horror of Jan 6 and its continuous repercussions alongside the horror of losing a darling child to suicide. There are many justifications for why Jamie Raskin’s book is a significant work. In the first place, it is an eye witness account of the things that happened in the Capitol on January 6. With passion and accuracy, Representative Raskin relates the course of events, sounds, and sights of the individuals who attacked the Capitol. He depicts how the Capitol police accompanied Raskin and his fellow legislators from the two houses and parties away from the House Chamber where they were accumulated to ensure the 2020 political decision. Indeed, the reader gets a genuine feeling of the fear and the confusion of that moment.

Unthinkable By Jamie Raskin Is A Book That Catches The Horror Of Jan 6
Unthinkable By Jamie Raskin Is A Book That Catches The Horror Of Jan 6

While “Unthinkable by Jamie Raskin” is a probing analysis of the current political crisis according to the point of view of a Constitutional Law teacher and the Congressman who drove the second Impeachment trail of the previous president, it is additionally a deeply searing individual story. Raskin’s child Tommy was a casualty from the pervasive depression which killed so many of our talented and sensitive youth in these fierce times. A promising law student at Harvard, 25 year old Tommy Raskin simply couldn’t overcome the outrageous angst brought on by the terrible occasions of 2020. He ended his own life just before 2021. The manner by which Raskin interweaves his very own battles with what we are largely looking as our nation attempts to counteract the violence of fascism is by a long shot the most gripping narrative one could envision.

According to personal point of view, I can absolutely connect with Jamie Raskin’s continuous grief and self-uncertainty as a father which he so truly and painfully shares in this memoir. The most remarkable thing concerning this memoir is in fact the manner by which the writer can rise above personal uncertainty and moral agonizing, and direct the energy of the pain into complete dedication to the vital reason for administration to an equally damaged country with the expectation that one individual’s commitment will always matter.

Unthinkable by Jamie Raskin is both a book of keen political insight and a heart wrenching story. A story of man losing his beloved, so talented, honest, son.

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