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The Wicked Deep

The Wicked Deep : By – Shea Ernshaw

"Chilling both by the damp, briny streets of Sparrow and by its residents’ sudden fervor for vengeance."

By – Shea Ernshaw

Two centuries ago in a small town in Oregon, three sisters were drowned in the ocean, suspected of being witches. Every summer since, they’ve emerged from the shadowy depths, stealing the bodies of weak-hearted girls and using them to lure boys to the harbour where they will meet their deaths. Like most locals, Penny Talbot has accepted the fate of the town, but this year, on the eve of the sisters’ return, a boy named Bo Carter arrives, unaware of the danger he’s just placed himself in. Rumours & lies quickly spread throughout the town, and Penny and Bo both got convinced that the other is holding secrets. Death comes quickly to those who cannot resist the sisters.

I really liked the setting of this book. I did struggle with picturing it in the way that the author intended though, but not because the writing was bad – it was actually really good – but I kept picturing it being set in the UK, maybe on one of the islands of Scotland, rather than the coast of US. However, I found it easier to picture it like this. This did not put me off the book though, and I did really enjoy the setting. I really didn’t understand why people just didn’t leave the town with all the drownings that happened every year and the supposed curse, or why they were ok with it. You’d think many people would’ve just thought “nah, screw this” and left. I was willing to oversee this though because I was really enjoying the book, even if it did seem a bit unrealistic. I did manage to guess the plot twist halfway through – the first time I have ever guessed correctly!! – but it didn’t happen in the way I expected it to. I thought it was done really well, even if I did see it coming.

I liked all of the characters. Penny was a likable, strong lead. Her mother was puzzling and fascinating, even if she wasn’t a huge part in the story. There were a few of Penny’s schoolmates that I really did not like at all – one in particular – and if you read the book you’ll discover why a few chapters in. I disliked them to the point where I wished one of the Swan sisters would just drag him into the ocean. The Swan sisters themselves were really interesting, and I enjoyed the scenes from the past that detailed their lives and why they were sentenced to death.

All in all, this was a good quick read and I’d definitely be open to reading more by the author.


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