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Inspired by a true story, Paths of Glory bring to life one of history's enduringly enigmatic figures in a stunning novel from bestselling author Jeffrey Archer.

Paths of Glory : By – Jeffrey Archer

By – Jeffrey Archer

As always Jeffrey Archer is first among equals when it concerns the entertainment of a reader. Even during this novel which is as boring as a biography. It still provides an enchantment that helps you to read complete 400 pages novel in a day. Mainly due to the language and the writing style.

The main character, George Mallory, is a talented mountaineer. He climbs the walls of Cambridge after being late for the admission meeting. Also to impress the love of his life he climbs the Campanile in Venice. She got impressed but also Italian police. His main goal is to climb mountain peaks and in 1924 he’s given the chance.

The novel provides us a good tale of a great man with the masterful language of Archer. As with many of his other works this one also delivers interesting descriptions of the nation’s private (Boarding) school system is so strange to Scandinavian countries.

My Review

I thought this book was about survival and soul-searching like the Life of Pi. However, this book covers how a man’s character is formed. Although I was expecting a breathtaking survival story, it was not about it. The book starts with George’s birth and his parents are looking for his potential. He was keen on climbing from the start. Then comes marriage, kids, and war. We see him grow into a gentleman. The author covered George’s legacy in 466 pages. His relationship with his wife was so perfectly written. It was like glancing at George’s life in flashbacks. Jeffery’s storytelling style is so different and amazing. This novel was so good.

What I liked

There are some characters you may follow the story with. Moreover, their character development is amazing. If you wish for a book with a robust character lead (s). This book is for you.

What I failed to like

The book didn’t make me keep on with the story. Almost like if I didn’t complete the book I won’t have any guilt I left it unfinished. If you’re searching for a unique stuffed with survival and adventure. I suppose this book isn’t for you. The book contained 70% of the details of George’s life and 30% of climbing and survival.

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