The Therapist by B.A. Paris is a psychological thriller with good suspense but sometimes predictable. This was a pretty good book for me since I had conflicting sentiments about the characters and the plot development. The writer has worked effectively building suspense, making you dubious of people. Without them truly doing anything or with no significant events occurring yet, you simply have this feeling that something isn’t as it appears. Somebody is misdirecting you as the reader. This book began this way and unquestionably never let go. Each character is unreliable, even the storyteller now and again made me question whether I could truly trust her.

The Therapist By B.A. Paris | A Psychological Thriller With Good Suspense
The Therapist By B.A. Paris | A Psychological Thriller With Good Suspense

What made me turn the pages of “The Therapist” by B.A. Paris was Alice. Alice is the main narrator, and her non-stop thoughts are colored with the death of her sister. Since the day of this tragic incidence Alice has permitted this event to guide her thoughts and activities, now and again delivering troublesome relations with different characters in the story. She understands these issues, being very aware of the other characters’ responses.

Writer B.A. Paris places Alice and her live-in partner Leo in a community, where everything appears all good until Alice finds reality with regards to her new home. As she attempts to find answers to her questions it appears there are more mysteries to her new neighbourhood, watched by people who live there. Alice is headed to find the hidden reality.

As she works her way through the pieces of information she comes across, processing them with a layman’s set of police procedural principles. As these are abilities Alice is not familiar about with, she here and there fumbles her way through, making the story realistic.

There are times when it seems like the writer is forcibly pushing the book reader in an expected direction which raised the warnings for me. Despite the fact that the final killer was the person I speculated, there were a couple of twists tossed in that I had never speculated. Overall, The Therapist by B.A. Paris is a good read that will keep you interested throughout.

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