The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams is a stunning debut novel. This is a wonderful story about books… how they can help illuminate, guide, cure, and become an escape. Where two very different troubled souls connect and become like family over a common list of books that assist them with overcoming the difficulty in their lives. This book felt like a warm embrace from a friend right when you need it. The Reading List isn’t just about the significance of libraries and books. It’s likewise about the life beyond death for the living, connection we get from books, and public spaces for communities to meet up.

The Reading List By Sara Nisha Adams Is A Stunning Debut Novel
The Reading List By Sara Nisha Adams Is A Stunning Debut Novel

A widower “Mukesh” is living alone missing his dead wife, Naina. Naina was an enthusiastic reader and consistently had a book in her hand. One day Mukesh discovers a library book that she fail to return before her demise. In a desperation, he sits down to read it, attempting to feel near Naina once more.

Aleisha is a 17 year of age and she is a daughter and a sister overwhelmed with life. At the point when Aleisha finds a new job at the nearby library she discovers a reading list that she can’t throw. However, she has no clue why not. One afternoon Mukesh, goes to the library looking for another book to read after completely enjoying Naina’s  overdue Library book. Aleisha suggests the first book on the list she found and afterward concludes that she better read it too, so when Mukesh returns she can talk about it. Gradually, as they clear their path through the list, the two become companions.

Although the story takes off fairly slow, the book was at last satisfying as it let the reader into the lives of every one of these mind boggling characters and their loved ones, looking as they forged associations and drew strength from books and a feeling of community cultivated by the little neighbourhood library. The story takes an astonishing turn towards the end, which, further strengthens the story. I ended up thinking about these characters and their lives long after I completed the book.

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams is truly delightful, moving, unforgettable story. I highly recommend it!

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