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The Ravens

The Ravens : By – Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige

By – Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige

The Ravens is the primary novel of a young adult fantasy series and is the ideal read during the current creepy season. It is told from the different viewpoints of two students at the renowned Westerly college in Savannah, Georgia. They both are part of a coven of witches secretively hiding in plain sight camouflaged as sorority sisters.

Vivi is new and wanting to utilize her move to Westerly as an occasion to reexamine herself. Tired of being hauled around the nation by her flighty fortune-telling mother, Vivi needs to at long last settle down some place and make companions. Scarlett is a senior individual from the Kappa Rho Nu sorority with her life carefully arranged out before her and one fundamental objective – excel at everything to dazzle her mom and sister, both previous leaders of Kappa.

Kappa is no conventional sorority. rather, it is an advantageous front for one of the most compelling covens on the planet and just the most impressive witches are welcome to join its positions. This year, Vivi is among them yet a series of mistaken assumptions promptly set her and Scarlett at odds with each other. however, various dark occasions in the sorority’s recent past appear to be causing issues down the road for the current crop of witches and the sisters of Kappa Rho Nu will require each other’s solidarity like never before to beat the evil they are confronting. but can we trust every one of them?

This is a charming young adult fantasy which moves at fast pace and is pleasantly plotted, however, there is somewhat of an infodump at the early stage to lay the right foundation, present the characters and grant the backstories. It’s a relatively lighthearted, fun and simple read and one that can be read in a couple of short hours and what could be more fitting than a story of witches living among people this creepy season? While it is predictable from almost the beginning of the story, I found it didn’t stop me from enjoying it and it did throw a few twists in the story that I hadn’t anticipated. An engaging and fascinating interpretation of the extraordinary spellmakers, complete with some pretty strong characterisation.

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