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Open House

Open House : By – Katie Sise

By – Katie Sise

Open House is a nail-biting and gripping suspense thriller. This one took my entire heart from the very first word to the last. Leaving me no alternative except to peruse it in single sitting.

A calm suburban town holds numerous mysterious secrets regardless of its serene exterior. Ten years prior Haley’s sister Emma vanished and right up till the present her body hasn’t been found. Some trusted it was a suicide; some guessed that she had simply ran away. Few including Haley’s dad, hope that Emma may even be alive. However, since Emma’s bracelet was found, the old investigation has resumed. Will the police have the option to uncover reality or will Emma’s destiny stay obscure for eternity?

I truly liked the parallel timetables and distinctive POVs presented all through the story. Each character was superbly fleshed out and practically every one of them had dearly held secrets. In a calm town where everybody knows everybody, is it even possible to hide such mysteries for long? As a few people manage the repercussions of Emma’s vanishing. The pressure rises and soon you’ll end up turning pages as quick as possible to get to the last part of the story.

The story is told from three distinct ladies’ perspectives. Strangely, the majority is told in third person past tense, aside from Emma’s POV, which is first person present. It permits the readers to interface with Emma’s story easily and immediately become invested in the result. I regularly experience difficulty with long sections of description rather than showing, yet this one handily kept my attention.

With an unpredictably woven plot brimming with exciting twists and turns the peruser turns into an active participant. Attempting to filter truth from lies and perceive the who and why of Emma’s vanishing. Displaying the mind boggling elements of family and fellowship adds an enthusiastic segment that further invests the reader, making more than an easy-going spectator. Unfortunate, stunning and interesting, this one is certain to satisfy all mystery and suspense lovers.

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