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The Fires of Vengeance

The Fires of Vengeance : By – Evan Winter

By – Evan Winter

The Fires of Vengeance is the 2nd Novel in the series, an African / Xhosa inspired epic fantasy. First novel “Rage of dragons” was one of my favourite ever debuts and this one is a strong, confident continuation.

First novel was a tribute to Rage, and suffering, 2nd novel also brings pain to life. Through both novels, there is a basic topic of love. It’s said that incredible writers best work is possibly accomplished when in connect with their feelings, fueling their best work. If so then something in Evan winters life controls his narrative, the novel is a symphony to his knowledge of emotional turmoil.

The power all through the books is rooted in their feeling. The novel is not uncommon, the emotion is. Rage and anger, filled the plot and gave the novel life. passion came from its feelings, from the writers life experience and bleeds through in each page.

Toward the beginning of The Fires of Vengeance, it soon become certain that agony becomes a motivator for Tau and his companions. Anger and love take a backseat to the new driving feeling. Tau, Jabaris and the others battle through the story. Showing now and again, different central feelings as the story powers on. The content is eloquent and practically hypnotic now and again. I forgot about time regularly as I became enchanted by the worldbuilding once again..

It’s difficult to portray the book. The story covers just a brief period. Their is nothing major happened, a couple of chase and battles, a little fight, a couple of others later but then nothing truly occurs. Simultaneously, everything changes.

This book changes, in part from the tale of the person’s legend’s excursion, to the advancement of a group’s hero’s excursion. Fortunately it keeps on focusing on the hero, Tau.

It’s difficult to explain the novel without spoilers, so I won’t. The feeling, it’s still as crude and merciless and painful as in book one. It’s the reason people will cherish this.

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