The Psychopath By Mary Turner Thomson is the true story of Will Jordan. A sociopath-insane person, who left ladies in dire straits in both the UK, and the US. His style was to attract them, commit bigamy in most cases, impregnate them, take their money from them and afterwards abandon them.

In “The Psychopath” author “Mary Turner Thomson” not just tell us her own story, but also of different women victimized by Will Jordan. Women who was also apparently a pedophile. His path of victims prompted tragedy including a suicide. The victims united together through Facebook and shared information about the crimes. Crimes which in past were often concealed out of shame and embarrassment.

The Facebook group likewise gave data on Will Jordan, who has been convicted and imprisoned. He was attempting to have his sentence decreased to least. This man was not just a sociopath, he was considered a maniac since his score on the size of abnormal responses and feelings was so high. As a result of the Facebook group, eight more ladies testified alongside one lady against the reduced sentence. The power of web-based media in communication, exchange of crucial information and collaboration can’t be over-focused. An interesting case.

There were Several great point made by the author:

  • ” Why me? ” How did this man discover ways to convince, extort and trick such countless women? Their weakness lie in the maltreatment which happened with them in childhood. He recognize a victim then utilizing his mind and ability to control, search out and work on these ladies shortcomings. He prepared his victims with a specialist’s ability. This insane person utilizes dramatization ( ” Poor me ” ” Investigator ” and ” Intimidator ” ) as a range of mental control procedures to player down the victim’s capacity to resist.
  • Will Jordan additionally engaged in self-hurt. This is something I’ve never read probably as a quality of this kind of sociopath-maniac.

The Psychopath by Mary Turner Thomson completely frightened me that there are such individuals on the loose.

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