Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan is perhaps the most Strang book I have ever read, I don’t mean it in a bad way. It was a slow beginning for me yet, when the story hooked me, I stayed awake until late at night to complete the book. For me it is so difficult to write a review about this book since I do not have a clue where to begin. It is however classified as a thriller novel. However for me it is a mix of fiction, mystery, thriller, contemporary fiction, and domestic dramatization with a bit of a science fiction feel. Does that sound peculiar? It sure does, however it works strangely well.

Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan is about mob mentality and excluding individuals who are “extraordinary”. It’s about that little town that appears to be wonderful from outside. However, when you begin looking carefully, all of the cracks and hidden messes show up. I do not think that there are many likeable characters in this novel. However, that truly helped the story move to its weird conclusion. The anticipating builds tension and suspense which teases the readers regarding where the story may be going.

The Wilde family moves to Maple Street to live the suburban dream. Dream that includs great schools, neighbourhoods loaded with children, family picnic and barbecues. Father Arlo, is a previous rock band member, presently a struggling printer sales representative. His better half, and mother to Julie and Larry, Gertie is a previous beauty Queen from a abusive family. Everything turns out badly when a neighbour’s daughter, Shelley, vanishes into a sinkhole in the park. Shelley’s mother goes a little crazy and blames Arlo for raping her girl, causing her fall. The locals turn on the Wilde family, putting their entire lives in danger.

Good Neighbors is a truly extraordinary and fascinating story not at all like anything I’ve ever read. If by any chance you are searching for a book that is entrancing and bizarre and everything in the middle of these two, this is the book for you.

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