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The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns

The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns

In the ever-evolving world of comics, change is not only inevitable, it is necessary. As generations pass and new readers enter the fold, our beloved superheroes must evolve to reflect the sensibilities of the times, while still retaining their core essence. DC Comics, one of the most prominent forces in the industry, has been no stranger to this challenge, periodically reimagining their iconic characters to stay relevant and captivating. From the bold reworkings of the 1980s to the daring New 52 initiative, and onto the recent DC Rebirth era, these redesigns have given us fresh perspectives on classic heroes, sparking renewed interest and fervent debate among fans. In this article, we will delve into the The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns, examining the elements that made these updated incarnations resonate with readers and stand the test of time.

The Flash 

The Flash
The Flash

DC Comics’ best costume redesigns were often inspired by Golden Age characters like Green Lantern and The Flash, who reemerged as new characters in the Silver Age. Although Barry Allen’s original costume design as The Flash was iconic, his New 52 redesign took it to the next level. The updated costume retained the essence of the “scarlet speedster” but incorporated modern elements. The suit featured energy-flared lines that activated with super speed, and the golden lightning bolt insignia was raised off the chest to add depth. Flash’s Justice League comrades also drew inspiration from his New 52 look.


The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns - Catwoman
The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns – Catwoman

Catwoman’s redesign in 2001 by Darwyn Cooke is considered an important change in the world of superheroes. While many female superheroes wear catsuits, Catwoman’s old look lacked practicality and felt dated. Cooke’s redesign made her suit more functional for her cat burglary activities and less focused on her body. Additionally, he added goggles, which became a staple for her character and gave her a modern, hi-tech feel. This change transformed Catwoman’s appearance into her iconic and definitive look, inspiring future designs. Cooke’s redesign made her outfit appear as something Catwoman might have chosen for herself, rather than an outfit chosen for her by an artist.

Green Lantern 

Green Lantern 
Green Lantern 

When it comes to the Green Lantern, fans tend to associate the name with Hal Jordan, despite several other characters having taken on the mantle over the years. However, Hal was not the first Green Lantern. He was simply the first one to look good in the role. Although some may argue that Hal’s costume redesign was not significant as it was for a different character who inherited the title, it was a complete overhaul. Unlike the previous Green Lantern, Scott, whose outfit was mismatched and silly, Hal’s costume was much sleeker and modern, with green overalls and black sleeves.


The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns - Batgirl
The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns – Batgirl

Batgirl’s original design, with her long red hair and yellow accents, was fun and family-friendly, setting her apart from other Bat family characters. However, when Cassandra Cain took over in the late 1990s, her ninja-inspired costume and short black hair gave her a darker, edgier look. Despite the risk of such a drastic change, the new design was a huge success, elevating Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl to a character who could survive on her own. Her spiky design and mean smirk added to her tough persona, distinguishing her from the cheerful and approachable Batgirl of old.



For a long time, Bill Finger’s contribution to Batman as a writer was undervalued due to his co-creator Bob Kane taking most of the credit. However, Finger played a significant role in shaping Batman’s world and even designed his iconic costume. Kane’s initial design was a blonde Batman in red tights with bat wings, which didn’t resemble the character we know today. It was Finger who proposed crucial changes like gray instead of red, a pointy-eared cowl instead of a domino mask, and a scalloped cape instead of wings. Thus, Finger’s contributions were just as vital, if not more, in creating Batman than Kane’s.

Harley Quinn 

The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns - Harley Quinn 
The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns – Harley Quinn 

Harley’s appearance has been modified in various ways in the past, including the removal of her jester’s hat and the substitution of her full-body suit with short shorts, a vest, and a jacket. However, her outfit in the DC Bombshells series stands out, featuring a black and red bikini top under a bomber jacket, with a pair of aviation goggles to complete the look. Although many of the DC Bombshell designs are remarkable, Harley’s outfit is especially striking.



Shazam was one of the characters who benefited significantly from the New 52’s revamp of the DC Comics’ universe. Formerly known as Captain Marvel, Shazam’s costume received a major update that emphasized the mystical aspect of his abilities. The story and origins of Billy Batson were also heavily revised to a more recognizable version that inspired the live-action movie. Shazam’s new armor-like outfit highlighted his magical powers with the lightning bolt insignia now emanating energy. The redesign successfully differentiated the character from his past identity as Captain Marvel while bringing him into the modern era. Additionally, the new design elements were adapted by other members of the Shazam family.


The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns - Huntress 
The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns – Huntress 

DC’s New 52 redesigns were not well-received overall, with some of the costumes appearing overloaded with conflicting ideas. However, Huntress emerged from the reboot with a design that worked well for her. Huntress had always been closely associated with Batman and Gotham, making it difficult for her to stand out on her own. Her new design, which went all out in every aspect, including a pointier mask and a long cape with extra gadgets and flourishes, suited her well and gave her an imposing silhouette.



Superman’s iconic costume is globally recognized, making it a challenging task to redesign. However, Kingdom Come, a comic book series, made subtle modifications to the Man of Steel’s suit that resonated with fans. In the story, an aged Superman brings together the Justice League to restore order from a new generation of out-of-control super-powered beings. His classic outfit was given a dark, futuristic edge with slight alterations, including a black background to the “S” shield and a new stylized logo. These changes became hugely popular with fans and continue to impress to this day.


The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns - Nightwing
The 10 Most Successful DC Superhero Redesigns – Nightwing

Originally Robin, Nightwing started in the classic red and black costume. However, after moving on to become Nightwing, the character experimented with different costumes before ultimately settling on the iconic design we know today. This is similar to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who had a homemade costume before Tony Stark provided him with an upgraded one. Nightwing’s first attempt at a new costume was a disco-style outfit with an open chest and a golden fringe, which seemed too flashy for a hero who was supposed to operate in the shadows. The subsequent switch to a more understated costume was a significant improvement.

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