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New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

New Year’s are only known for two things; celebration and resolutions. Youth and students are the ones who are most actively involved in both celebration and in making resolutions. The younger lot, especially the students, actively participate in the act of making new year resolutions as they have a lot of hope and expectations from the future. However, most of the time students fail to choose a proper and realistic new year resolution or get confused while making resolutions for their future. Here are 10 great new year resolution ideas for students which will greatly benefit them in the long run.

Get Rid of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of work and productivity. We all feel lazy and at times tend to delay or postpone our work or tasks. But the problem arises once this laziness and tendency of dealaying things becomes a habit. Procrastination is like a slow poison that eats up your skills, talent and abilities. Getting rid of procrastination can be a great new year resolution for any student.

Creating an Effective & Realistic Time Table

Creating a routine or time table may appear as a very basic and simple thing. But creating an efficient and realistic daily routine or time table can be a game changer in your life. As students have a hectic schedule, a time table will empower you with a set pattern that will enable you to function in a better and efficient manner. Creating an effective and realistic time table will also make you more productive.

New Year Resolution Ideas for Students
New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

Switching to Healthier Food Alternatives

This new year resolution idea is a bit tricky as student life is fast paced and students also face budget constraints. It’s almost impossible for a student to eliminate fast food from their lives but at least you can minimize the junk intake and add some healthier food alternatives in your diet. Switching to healthier food alternatives is definitely worth trying as it will be the deciding factor for your future health and physical well being. 

Limiting Your Screen Time

High screen time is a rising concern in all age groups. But the most vulnerable are the students and children. As high screen time can drastically hamper their well being and future. In the case of children or kids, eliminating or almost minimizing screen time to zero can be tried. But in the case of students doing so isn’t possible as most of the study material or work has shifted to electronic or digital medium. However, this doesn’t mean nothing can be done to limit the screen time. You need to closely monitor your phone, tablet and computer usage. And then draw a line between essentials and unwanted junk. Limiting your screen time will not only relax your eyes but will also give you some time to relax in the real world.

Prioritize Your Mental Health and Emotional Health

New Year resolutions about losing weight, getting fit, getting 6 pack abs are so common. But do we ever care about our emotional and mental health? Until a few years ago, health only meant physical health to most people. But even today we tend to ignore the importance and role of mental & emotional health. Especially in the case of students, it is always mentioned that one should only prioritize their studies and work. Well, there isn’t any wrong in focusing on your work and studies. But you should also never ignore your mental & emotional health. And never shy away from prioritizing your mental & emotional health.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

New Year Resolution Ideas for Students
New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

Communication skills are one of the most important aspects of an individual’s personality. Especially in the case of professionals, communication skills play a vital role in the growth of individuals in their careers. So, as a student you can focus on your communication skills. As it can greatly benefit you in your life and career. So, making a new year resolution to enhance your communication skills isn’t a bad idea.

Create a Work Life Balance

Work life balance is generally considered only for working professionals. But this isn’t true, work life balance is important for any individual who is putting in regular efforts in work and is facing constant pressure. Be it a student or a full time working professional, to maintain a balance between work and life you need to set your priorities. Failing to do so will result in a burn out and you won’t be able to sustain for long.

Explore More

This may sound as a very vague resolution and many may consider it very unrealistic in nature. But you need to understand that as a student exploring new and different things or hobbies can be very beneficial for you. It would not only amp up your mood but will also provide you with an array of options. Student life is the best phase for exploring. So make a resolution this new year that you won’t just sit back doing the casual stuff, you will go an extra mile and explore more in life & career.

Seek for Learning Experiences

As a student you should always seek for learning experiences and opportunities. Be it by getting involved in some voluntary work or by being a part of some activity. Joining some part time job or work isn’t also a bad idea. The main motto of the journey should be learning. As these learning will be of great use for your future and will benefit you in the long run.

Getting Proper Sleep

New Year Resolution Ideas for Students
New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

Getting a good sound is very important for any individual. Any person needs at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep. It is generally seen that students tend to compromise their sleep for various reasons like studying, work, part time jobs, networking, clubbing or partying. At times students also neglect the importance of sleep as they feel they can deal with lack of sleep. However, they forget that they may handle lack of sleep with ease in their initial youthful days but lack of sleep will drastically hamper their mental and physical health in the long run. So, try creating a schedule that provides you with sufficient time for getting a proper sleep. 

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