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10 superheroes without any godly power

10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power

When we talk about superheroes, we automatically think that they must have some godly powers. Powers like flying in the air, shooting plasma beams with naked eyes, moving in a flash of a second, quick healing ability, teleportation etc. There are few superheroes who have proved that you don’t need any godly power to be a superhero. So here are 10 superheroes without any godly power. These superheroes are no less than any superhero with superhuman abilities.

Green Arrow

10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power - Green Arrow
10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power – Green Arrow

Every comic book read know about Green Arrow. He is a masked man and ace archer from DC universe. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is the owner of Queen Consolidated and he is also a wealthy businessman. Oliver has trained himself in hand to hand combat and he has reached the peak of human mental and physical abilities. He has no godly superpower but even without any godly powers he has defeated super villains like Everyman. Everyman is a DC super villain with a shape-shifting ability (when he eats another person’s body part).  

Black Widow

Black Widow
Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is a shadowy former KGB agent who is trained from her childhood to defeat the enemies of the nation. Black Widow is well trained in martial arts which she uses against the powerful super villains. When Hawkeye was sent to eliminate black Widow, he was impressed by her skills, and later the two became best friends. She has been a part of different superhuman groups in different timeline like – Avengers, The Champions, Daughters of Liberty, Heroes for Hire, KGB, Mighty Avengers etc.

Iron Man

10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power - Iron Man
10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power – Iron Man

Tony Stark is a scientist, inventor, multimillionaire and founder of stark industries. He’s also the founder of Avengers. When Tony is in his iron suit, he is invincible. He is the kind of person who learns from his mistakes and never repeats his mistakes. He enhanced his iron suit to nano technology when previously Antman entered in his suit. Iron man is the one who ultimately defeated the most powerful super-villain Thanos , by stealing his 6 infinity stone and also saved half of the universe by bringing them back. While doing so he ultimately scarified his life .

The Punisher

The Punisher
The Punisher

The punisher was a former U.S marine and special force operative, who turned into a vigilante. He uses guns and bullets, and sometimes bombs, to fight against super villains with godly powers. Daken (son of wolverine) is one of the super villains he has defeated. Although Daken kills the Punisher, he returns from his death to defeat Daken.


10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power - Rorschach
10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power – Rorschach

Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach from the Watchmen series by dc comics has no godly super power but he is very good in hand to hand combat. Rorschach uses everyday objects in combat with an astute sense of timing and precision. You may not like him for his beliefs which are extreme right wing beliefs. He believes in good and bad and nothing gray in between. His uses masks that have inkblots which constantly shifts shapes.


10 superheroes without any godly power – Batman

Batman is one of the most iconic superhero characters of all time. Being a multimillionaire, playboy, trained in hand to hand combat by Ra’s al Ghul. Batman uses high tech equipment in battle with the help of his strategic skills. He is also good as a team leader. Batman has even dogged Darkseid omega beams. He is the perfect example of superhero with no godly power. Because of his detective skills, he is also known as a detective in DC Comics. He formed the Justice League, which fought against Steppenwolf.


10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power - Daredevil
10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power – Daredevil

Matt Murdock is a very good lawyer for the world but he is also a vigilante, who is blind, but has an exceptional sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. He fought villains not only in the courtroom but also on the streets. Daredevil can listen to the heart beats of people and detect whether they are telling the truth or not. He fought against many villains and defeated them. Mostly he partner with two very well known female superheroes in marvel universe (Electra and Black Widow).



Don Diego de la Vega is a character who was created by Johnston McCulley. First appeared in 1919 as a Spanish character. Zorro is the son of the richest landowner in California, who is a masked vigilante, who fought against the corrupt officials and protected the common people. His preferred weapon is the rapier, which he also uses to mark his enemies with “Z”.

Hit Girl

10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power - Hit Girl
10 Superheroes Without Any Godly Power – Hit Girl

Mindy McCready is a young girl who is trained in martial arts by her father at a very young age to fight against the criminals . She fights against villains like Dr. White, Johnny G, Ralphie Genovese and The Red mist. When she was arrested, she broke out of the prison and joined back the kickass family and took out the entire Genovese crime family.

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson

Robin aka Dick Grayson belongs to a family of performing acrobats. When his family was murdered by Tony Zucco, he partnered with the Batman in the fight against the crimes. They are commonly called ‘Caped Crusaders’. Robin is not only good in martial arts, but is also good in forensic science. Grayson later becomes the leader of teen titans. After his exit Jason became the second Robin and Tim Drake followed him as the third Robin to partner Batman.

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