10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe: Even if superheroes like Spider-Man and Captain America are superhuman, they aren’t the strongest Marvel characters. The gods of the Marvel universe either played a role in setting up the universe or still govern its existence now. By weaving myths from all over the world into its mythos, Marvel Comics has added to the rich fabric of mythology. Norse mythology is the source of gods including Thor and Loki, who have evolved into distinct individuals under the Marvel umbrella. While all the Marvel gods are extremely powerful, some of them are far more so than others because they each have their unique powers and lore.


10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe - Nemesis
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – Nemesis

The inventor of the Marvel Infinity Stones, Nemesis, is a strong god from the Ultraverse. In Avengers/Ultraforce, written by Glenn Herdling, illustrated by Angel Medina and M.C. Wyman, inked by Keith Aiken, Hector Collazo, Steve Alexandrov, and Don Hudson, colored by Chris DeFelippo and Malibu Color, and lettered by Janice Chiang, she made a comeback due to a seventh stone in the Ultraverse.

The extent of Nemesis’s power was impossible to gauge and was never actually tested. She possessed control over the Time, Mind, Space, Reality, Soul, and Power stones, which allowed her to change the course of history. Despite her ambition to destroy reality and end her own existence once more, she was vanquished by the united might of many other universe iterations of Marvel as well as Ultraforce heroes.



The Marvel universe’s inception gave rise to another ephemeral entity known as Oblivion. It is Oblivion’s goal to halt the universe’s growth as a sign of non-existence. Unexpectedly, Oblivion made its debut in Iceman by J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Gustovich, Alan Kupperberg, Janice Chiang, and Bob Sharen.

In order to annihilate the cosmos, Oblivion selected Maelstrom, a hybrid Inhuman/Deviant, as his avatar. Quasar, the avatar of Infinity, faced Infinity, Death, Maelstrom until Eternity, and Oblivion made a deal that kept the cosmos as it was. To generate entropy and devastation, however, Oblivion persisted in breaking their agreement.


10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe - Eternity
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – Eternity

Eternity is a powerful entity that contains the awareness of every living thing in the universe. His offspring are additional autonomous beings that stand in for ideas in their own worlds. They are Expediency, Eulogy, Enmity, Epiphany, Entropy, and Eon.

The universe is an eternity, but eternity can also appear as various life forces existing within the universe. Eternity coexists with his sister Infinity, and the two of them are among the most powerful Marvel gods. Eternity made its debut in Strange Tales, which was written by Stan Lee, illustrated by Jack Kirby, drawn by John Severin, and colored by Stan Goldberg.


10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – Infinity

Infinity is the other half of Eternity. She must struggle to defend the universe from devastating abstract beings like Death or Oblivion, just like her brother. Infinity is less likely to meddle with the universe’s events than Eternity is. She initially appears in Quasar by Mark Gruenwald, Greg Capullo, Keith Williams, Paul Becton, and Janice Chiang, who also did the coloring and lettering.

With her amazing abilities, Infinity can change time, reality, or space as she sees fit. She is a symbol of the idea of infinity, which bestows boundless abilities. She has a unique perspective because she can exist in all places in the cosmos at once. The potent Quantum Bands of her avatar Quasar are powered by Infinity as well.


10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe - Death
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – Death

Death is a core force in the universe. She delights in controlling other beings, such as Thanos, to carry out her evil deeds and lives to bring misery and death to the universe. She is capable of taking the shape of a hooded female skeleton in physical form. Death debuted in Marvel Mystery Comics, which was written by Beach Allen, illustrated by Ed Robbins, and lettered by Typeset.

Another user of the Power Cosmic who has the ability to alter time, reality, space, and several other fundamental tenets of existence is Death. Her strength is also derived from the many souls that have perished throughout space and time. She has revived characters like Deadpool as well as Scarlet Spider out of both curiosity and love, proving that she has the power to bring both life and death.

The Infinites

The Infinites
The Infinites

Even though the Infinites barely made appearances, their admirers were nevertheless affected. When they looked into the destruction of several planets, they ran upon one of the Avengers’ strongest squads. Written by Roger Stern, illustrated by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Steve Oliff, and lettered by Troy Peteri and Richard Starkings, The Infinites initially appeared in Avengers: Infinity.

The experiment to reorganize the cosmos was conducted by the Infinites. They acted with good intentions and merely sought to improve the universe’s energy flow. Eternity, whom the Avengers had to enlist for assistance, disclosed the fatalities brought on by the Infinite’s acts. The rest of The Infinites vanished after one gave up their life power to repair the harm they had done.

The Beyonder

10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe - The Beyonder
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – The Beyonder

Although officially from beyond, The Beyonder is among the most potent characters in the Marvel Universe. He made his debut in Secret Wars, a comic book written by Jim Shooter, illustrated by Michael Zeck, inked by John Beatty, colored by Christie Scheele, and lettered by Joe Rosen. Battleworld was created by the mysterious being, who also kidnapped good guys and bad guys to compete against each other.

At his discretion, Beyonder possesses the ability to alter the nature of reality and the states of energy and matter. The Beyonder had enormous power before a number of retcons restricted him because he possessed nearly omnipotence. The Beyonder is now an infant-like creature from a race of extraterrestrial species, each with much more potent reality-altering powers.

The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal makes sure that the multiverse’s balance of evil and good doesn’t change in any way. He can destroy entire worlds if he thinks doing so will maintain a mystical balance and is present across the multiverse. In Strange Tales, The Living Tribunal made its premiere thanks to letterer Sam Rosen and writer, penciler, and inker Jim Steranko.

Three distinct creatures can be seen in the faces of the Living Tribunal, who must assemble to reach any decisions. Equity, necessity, and retribution are represented by the three faces. If a universe’s balance of evil and good becomes unbalanced and the issue isn’t of multiversal concern, he allows the abstract beings of those universes to handle the situation themselves.

The Fulcrum

10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe - The Fulcrum
10 Most Powerful Gods in Marvel Universe – The Fulcrum

Other than being all-knowing and all-powerful, the fascinating Fulcrum is a mystery. The Fulcrum is served by cosmic entities like the Horde and the Celestials. He is also in charge of the Vestibule, the afterlife of the Eternals. He made his debut in Eternals, which was written by Charles and Daniel Knauf and illustrated by Eric Nguyen, colored by Andy Troy, and lettered by Todd Klein.

The Fulcrum frequently assumes the persona of Jack, a hilarious cosmic bartender. Some people think that Marvel’s One Above All and The Fulcrum are two different facets of the same being. Whatever his beginnings, The Fulcrum’s virtually infinite powers have controlled the expansion and contraction of galaxies from the universe’s beginning.

One Above All

One Above All
One Above All

Everything in the entirety of the Marvel multiverse was created by The One Above All. He is the sole individual with power over the Living Tribunal, and when the original Tribunal passed away, he even built a new one. Even other gods, like Thor, who acknowledge the One Above All’s role as the most powerful Marvel god, find the presence of the One Above All “humbling.”

Superheroes like Spider-Man and other cosmic entities have seen The One Above All. He is compared to the Abrahamic depiction of God in the Bible and frequently portrayed in the likeness of the late comic book legend Jack Kirby. He made his debut in Fantastic Four, which was written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mike Wieringo, Karl Kesel, Randy Gentile, and Paul Mounts.

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