“Love At First” by Kate Clayborn highlights two prime characters, Will and Nora, who represent different sides of a coin. They both faced similar circumstances in their lives. However, both decide to shape their adult lives very differently in response to those circumstances. Their similarities lie in their childhoods, in which both of them encountered being raised by guardians who were practically unattached in their kids’ lives. In Nora’s situation, this was because her folks’ true love and enthusiasm was saved for archaeology. In Will’s situation, his parent were so wrapped up with one another, that there was no room in their lives for their own child.

Despite the fact that Nora’s parents were quite uninvolved in her life. Nora had a close, cherishing relationship with her grandmother and inherited her condo. Since she spent each summer at the condo growing up. In addition to that she has a close, familial bond with different occupants of the six storage buildings. Even though everyone of them are a lot closer in age to her grandma than to herself. Her underlying foundations run deep and she glories in the family she is made. Will, on the other hand, is rootless.

He has no close connections to anybody, no dear companions, no remaining family, and no love connections either before or in the present. At the point when he acquired his uncle’s condo in the complex where Nora resides. All he wanted to do is to get rid of it. He has just been there once, and it was the day he considers the worst day in his life. Sadly, his uncle included a provision that the condominium could not be sold for one year. So Will came up with a plan to renovate the condominium, so that he can rent it out now until the year is up and he can sell.

Definitely, this places him in direct clash with Nora and other residents. Will and Nora begin as adversaries, yet neither can deny the sparkle that pulls them together. However, the two of them need to move past their pain over past connections. If they have to move forward in their life, with a better hope.

The romance in “Love At First” by Kate Clayborn was somewhat of slow-burn and it seemed a bit flat to me. However, I believe that it is on the ground that both Will and Nora were so frozen in their grief that, It was difficult to feel a very remarkable association between them. By the end however the two of them appeared to be moving forward together.

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