A PHO LOVE STORY by Loan Le follows Linh Mai and Bao Nguyen’s and their unexpected romance. Bao and Linh had consistently stayed away because of their family’s pho restaurants competition. Neither had forgotten their short childhood experience, and when conditions bought them together once again, they shared a good connection. As their friendship developed, so did the stress of sneaking around, and it was simply a matter of time until everything unravelled.

The relationship that created among Linh and Bao unquestionably took centre stage, and I really liked it! They shared a lot of common interests and could relate with each other in a manner numerous others could not. Both had families, who had made a frightening journey to get away from Vietnam, and both experienced childhood in their family restaurants. They both understand the responsibility and duties they have regarding family business. Also, the significance of family and community.

I additionally liked watching their friendship develop and change. I anticipated each new area, where Linh and Bao would have the chance to become more acquainted with one another better. Furthermore, I sincerely wish there had been more of these journeys, since they were brilliant.

Although romance was a major part of “A PHO LOVE STORY”. However, it was additionally about self discovery. Linh like art, but realized her parents considered it to be a hobby, so she hid her passion. She wrestled between following her heart or satisfying her folks’ expectations. Meanwhile, Bao was simply coasting, and with the assistance of Linh and a couple of others, he really found something he had a natural flair for, but at the same time was passionate about. While the two of them encountered some doubts, they upheld, empowered, and pushed each other along the way.

A PHO LOVE STORY also had a strong family focus. The obstacle to this romance was created by families. However, both the families were extremely adoring and just needed the best for their children. There were some truly delightful moments among Bao, Linh, and their families, and many characters likewise supported this theme of family.

I recommend A PHO LOVE STORY by Loan Le to people who like reading romantic stories with external obstacles.

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