In My Dreams I Hold A Knife by Ashley Winstead is a murder Mystery. It is a fast moving, riveting, exciting ride! Every little thing about it was incredible – the writing, the manner in which the story was built, the secret, the investigation of some of the darker aspects of people, and the psychological reaction to an unjustifiable social hierarchy. Well this is a story of one group of crazy friends. College unites them… and college at last tears them apart. This is a fabulous spine chiller, with exciting twists and turns. I must say this doesn’t felt like a debut novel by Ashley Winstead.

In My Dreams I Hold A Knife By Ashley Winstead Is a Murder Mystery
In My Dreams I Hold A Knife By Ashley Winstead Is a Murder Mystery

Jessica Miller, the primary character and our narrator, is the actual meaning of a narcissist. She is in constant need of attention, has almost no respect for the feelings of others, and responds critically to any slight. In like manner, different members from the East House Seven have similar issues. Mint, wealthy and haughty, is an entitled brat. Frankie, a star football player, looks for constant approval and will conceal his actual self regardless of the cost.

Heather comes from a rich family and by one way or another manages to get all that she needs with little effort. The two champions are Caro and Coop. Caro appears to be the all around good girl. She rubs the cross on her neck as a reminder to make the best choice. Where as Coop, has had a harsh life. He knows the importance of money and has done some illegal things to earn sufficient enough to get by. Unfortunately, the group is splintered when Heather is viciously killed and one of their own is believed to be the murderer.

Quick forward a decade. Jessica continually felt like she was at the bottom of the group. She is determined to show them what she has become at their college reunion after 10 years. Her plan is before long wrecked when Eric Shelby, younger brother of Heather, goes to the reunion and declares that he has been investigating the group since he knows the murderer got away with killing and he needs justice for his sister. He knows their secrets and he’s pulling out all the stops.

As everything is uncovered, the group came to know so many things about one another and themselves. Will the real murderer be uncovered? What was the real motive? Will the group heal and be bound together again or is the finish of the East House Seven in sight?

Overall! In My Dreams I Hold A Knife by Ashley Winstead was an amazing and entertaining book. It takes you back and forth from past to present in a deliciously, juicy story. I think the story was extremely smart and stylishly written and delighted in finding every one of the skeletons in the closets. I desire to read more books by Ashley Winstead and I recommend this novel to any reader who appreciates evil college story.

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