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how to start a conversation

How to Start a Conversation

We often get perplexed about how to start a conversation when it is someone older than us, who belongs to a certain profession, or people who do not match our vibe in general. Sometimes we let go of it and don’t engage in a conversation. However, there are situations when you can’t ignore it and have to involve in a chat. So, here are 7 ways how to start a conversation.

Ask Questions

One universal factor about people whoever it is, if they are present in the situation – people love to talk and express themselves. You need to come up with a topic that will display your curiosity to know about the individual in front of you. Always ask an open-minded question and be keen to know their point of view regarding that matter. Give them the eagerness and opportunity to speak about their experience and soon you will realize you have crossed the bridge of discomfort.

How to Start a Conversation
How to Start a Conversation

More Listening and Less Talking

Any great relationship, communication, and conversation require the right balance between talking and listening. If you are trying to have a good conversation with anyone, make sure that you ask the right question to keep the conversation going, and then, you must listen to them intently. The primary things that you need to keep in mind are – Never try to hijack the conversation by talking too much or shifting the discussion. And, don’t try to make every conversation about yourself. Listen and understand what the other person to say and reply considerately.

Don’t Engage with a Victim Mindset

You would not be able to connect to someone with a victim mindset. Never start a conversation by placing something or someone in a bad light. It can be tempting to talk about certain things that you don’t like or prefer, however, that is not the correct way for a person. You will look like a complainer and that won’t offer the other person to speak as much. Try to make a conversation regarding things that has personal value for both of you.

How to Start a Conversation
How to Start a Conversation

Know Your Boundaries

You have to be polite and understanding whenever you are talking to someone, especially if it is someone you are not familiar with. If you think that your next question might be a bit personal, politely ask “Can I ask you a personal question?” Or if you can see them not being enthusiastic or keen about a certain topic, perhaps they are not comfortable with it. There is a possibility that this person will disagree with you on certain things or vice versa. You need to understand where they are coming from and express your disagreement politely.

Accept Vulnerability

It is okay to not know things. No one in this world knows every single thing about every topic. People often feel ashamed to agree that they don’t know things and in place of showing eagerness, they pretend to know everything about it. Never pretend to know certain things or be a certain someone. If you are not aware of it just simply ask “I have no idea about this. Tell me more.” Vulnerability is not a bad thing rather it can be a great means to develop a lasting relationship.

How to Start a Conversation
How to Start a Conversation

Keep it Simple

We often perplex things in our head by obsessing and overthinking about the perfect question. In the end, we manage to kill the core of a potentially great discussion. It might happen that you had an idea to start the conversation but you overthought it so much that now it seems banal. It is not necessary that every conversation have to have a perfect beginning. You just need to start it and then give it a perfect direction.

Be Present

In today’s world you have distractions from everyone around you, and right now in your hand. If you are curious to form a connection with someone you have to have a good conversation. So, be present at the moment. It is essential to stay present at the moment both mentally and physically. If you are constantly distracted, it will not add value to the conversation you are having.

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