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How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps

How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps

How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps: Daily journaling can be referred to as the act of writing down everything (after thinking) about your life on a daily basis. This concept isn’t new, it has been there for ages. In recent times a lot of people have jumped into the activity of maintaining a daily journal. As it has a lot of benefits in one’s life and growth. However, making and maintaining a daily journal isn’t a cake walk. So, here are 10 easy tips that will help you in creating and maintaining a daily journal.

Choose Your Medium

The first step towards creating or making your daily journal is choosing a medium. You need to choose a journal or notebook for writing down your daily journals. You can go old school and use some notebook or diary for your journals. Or you can opt for online journal apps and platforms. Even phone notes or PC docs can be used for writing a journal. It wholly depends on you what you wish to use for writing your daily journal.

Develop a Routine

Any habit or task needs dedication and routine to succeed in the long run. Once you create a daily journal, you need to dedicate some time to it. But this dedicated time should be scheduled. You need to create a separate slot for journaling in your time table or routine. This will help you in providing continuity and sustainability to your daily journaling journey.

Personalize Your Journal

How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps
How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps

Anything that belongs to you should also be personalized by you. Personal touches and personalization enhances your experience. It also creates more interest towards the activity. After personalizing or stylizing your daily journal you get more connect with your journal. This connection or bond will always bring or pull you towards your journal. And it will also help you in maintaining the habit of daily journaling.

Record Events and Activities

When daily journaling is all about writing down everything about your life on a daily basis then how can we skip daily events and activities. Many beginners find it difficult to write daily journals. One easy and effective way to overcome this problem is to mention the important or even normal events and activities of the day. You will definitely find a few gems in the simple looking clusters of activities.

Carefree Writing

Generally a lot of people get too picky and panic while writing. Another pro tip for beginners is carfree writing. When writing a daily journal, write freely without any hesitation of spelling, grammatical errors. Allow yourself to freely write and let your thoughts flow through the page. Don’t wait for perfection, just start when you feel like it. Waiting to long for perfection may make a dent on your passion and profession.

Ask Questions

How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps
How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps

Asking questions is an important point in starting any venture. It is also an important aspect in any creative work. Using prompt questions like what was so good or bad about the day?Why was it so?How can I bring a change? Or what can I do? Can kickstart your writing and can also give you solutions to many of your quarries. 

Reflect Your Experiences and Emotions in Your Journal

Daily Journals are meant to reflect your experiences, personality and emotions. If you hesitate to mention your inner feelings, emotions and truth then there is no point in creating a personal journal. And you only mention your activities & tasks in it, then it is nothing  more than a personal log or data maintenance book. So, don’t shy away from reflecting your emotions and experiences in your daily journal. 

Re-read Your Previous Entries

Re-read your previous entries is a great exercise which can hugely benefit you. It will provide you an idea about where you left from. Re-read your previous entries will also provide you with data that will help you in evaluating your personality and life in general. This data and evaluation can be used to determine your growth in the phase or period.

Keeps Your Journal With You Even While Travelling

It’s commonly seen that many people leave their journals at home or stop journaling (online) when they travel. You need to understand that daily journaling isn’t your job or work that you are taking a break from it. It’s a habit like sleeping, having tea or coffee, and brushing your teeths that should be continued in all circumstances. Skipping writing journals while traveling will break your flow and continuity.

Continuity is the Key 

How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps
How To Make a Daily Journal Explained in 10 Easy Steps

If you are starting a daily journal, remember that writing a daily journal is a lifelong process. And continuity is the key in writing daily journals. The more you write, the better you get. So, always focus on your continuing and make efforts to continue writing on a daily basis. You need to challenge yourself because there will be times when you will feel like taking a break or giving up. But you need to strive for continuity in the journey creating and maintaining a daily journal.

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