We have heard several times that everything that doesn’t go by the rules. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to achieve a stress-free and peaceful life. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 7 rules of life. We have heard all of these rules before, some managed to inculcate them some are still figuring it out. Do not worry; if you are thinking about making your life a more sorted one, you are already in the process of a good change.

Make Peace With Your Past

The most important thing about any kind of growth and development is by focusing on the future and not dwelling on the past. Your past is something that you do into have any control over. When you are not in the power to change anything, to overthink it is irrelevant. It does not give you any sense of satisfaction or peace of mind. Whatever happened in the past, you can always take a lesson from it. Convince yourself that whatever has happened, happened and now it is time for you to go ahead with your life and make sure to not repeat the same mistakes.

What Others Think of You

When we are exposing ourselves to society amongst so many kinds of people, we often feel intimidated. There is always a sense of fear working in our minds – “what if they are judging me?” However, this feeling is fleeting. Some of us get habituated to the presence of people. Some of us remain the same – the people with social anxiety. There is something significant that I think we should all talk about is ‘insecurity’. Each one of us in this century is insecure about something or the other. The people who you think are judging you are perhaps looking at you with the same sense of fear in mind. So, don’t think about what others think of you.

7 Rules of Life Everyone Should Know
7 Rules of Life Everyone Should Know

Time Heals Almost Everything

If you are not a firm believer in this statement it is justified. We sometimes go through certain impactful situations in our life that we believe we cannot move on from it. Or, there is nothing that can affect you more than this. However, as time goes by, we realize how it is affecting us and we alter our perception of the situation. It may be in your memory but it will never be as impactful as it was yesterday. So, sometimes you just have to leave it and let it be.

Don’t Compare Your Life to Others

You should never compare your life to others. What you are going through and what others are going through are completely different? The way you can cope or handle things does not have to be the same for everyone else. At the same time, you should not judge anyone’s life or way of living. The most important person for you in your life is you, and that is something you should always focus on. Meet every passer-by and close one with compassion and benevolence. Maybe someone else is doing better than you but at the same time, someone else is also there who is going through worse. Comparing your life with someone else’s will not help you grow in your personal and professional life. It will work rather than distract you from your goal.

Stop Thinking Too Much

I know we all are aware of the feeling when our mind is running like a stream of consciousness and we feel powerless. We do not have a hold on it. But wait a minute! Breathe. Everything that is going on around you is not about you. You are not the center of everything. I know you often feel like it but you are not. You do not have to control, manage, or organize everything, including yourself. Sometimes, you just have to let go and let things settle in your own time. You can overpower this thing by distracting yourself with more productive things.

7 Rules of Life Everyone Should Know
7 Rules of Life Everyone Should Know

No one is in Charge

Everyone is responsible for his or her own success or failure. You can’t blame anyone else for your failures. It is you who is making decisions, following or not following your dreams. As the title suggest no one is in charge of your life it is one and only you. If you have to be successful, if you have to make some hard decisions in life it is your call to take.


The best way to accept and welcome things are through a smile. You might think that you are going through several problems, but you don’t own all the problems of this world. This world is offering you good things all the time. You may think that you can’t go beyond this or you will never recover from this situation, but a month later you have moved on from it. This is how it goes and the only way to handle any situation is with a smile. Okay maybe it didn’t work out but you learned something from it. So, never forget to smile.

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