Comics are one of the most fascinating things. The way a comic book hooks a reader to its storylines and takes them to a new world is unmatched. For ages comics have entertained the masses. The craze for comics has only grown amongst its readers with few hiccups, here and there. With changing times, comics giants like Marvel and DC Comics have also shifted to E-Editions, dedicated apps for comics to provide readers an opportunity to read and explore the comics on online platforms. However, the old school method of reading and collecting comics is still practiced by many comic book lovers. So, here are 7 harsh realities of being a comics reader.

Comics is a Costly & Expensive Affair

7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader
7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader

Comics have always been a costly affair if you look at it with a holistic approach rather than looking at the price of a single comic book. Typically comic books are storylines fused with cartoon & comic strips. Because of the short length of comic books and its chronologically connecting storyline a reader tends to buy more issues. This loop of buying more comic books to complete a storyline makes comics a costly affair. However, with time the prices of comics have only grown. Getting an online comics subscription is far more expensive than getting a Netflix, Amazon or Disney subscription. But when talk about the Old School comics reader, who still prefer to collect and read comics things really get crazy. Their are many hardcore comics reader who are will to pay 100’s of dollars for a single comic book, this price can even touch thousands of dollars at times.

Comics are Still Viewed as Childish or Lowbrow

There is no denying that comics were initially designed for kids and children. But with time it became a youth and teens thing. With changing times the shift in the reader’s age is clearly visible. This is the reason that the comic books also saw a shift in their content. The content became more mature and storylines became more and more complex. Many publications even started their parallel comics line for adult audiences (readers). However, the perception that comic books are childish and lowbrow is still prevalent in many minds.

Most Comics Characters are Poorly Adapted

7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader
7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader

Seeing your favorite superhero, villain or comics character in motion pictures has been one of the biggest fascination of comics lovers for ages and still continues to be one. We all wish to see our favorite characters on the big screen. But most of the time the creators fail to match the characters’ comic book charisma on the big screen. This may sound kind of okay to normal audiences. But for diehard comic book readers it’s like insulting their favorite comics characters. At times the legacy of many superheroes is turned down into a mockery in movies.

Comic Book Timelines are Very Confusing in Nature

There are people who know and literally remember each and every storyline and event in the journey of their favorite character. But at times the bulk production of comics and blast of unlimited storylines make it difficult for many comics readers to stay up to date. Even if someone succeeds in doing so, the parallel storylines, multiple universes, character’s cameos in other comic book editions makes it almost impossible for many fans to catch up. Many fans also regularly complain about the messing up of storylines of different comics characters.

Some Great Comics Characters Never Get an Opportunity to Shine

Transition and change is important. Be it Sports or Cinema, after a point there is a gradual or forced shift or change. There was a time when Babe Ruth dominated the arena but with time players like Mike Trout, Juan Soto and Gerrit Cole chipped in. Same goes for Cinema, with time the stardom shifted from legends like Cary Grant to modern icons like Tom Cruise. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with comics, here the big names can stay in the spotlight literally forever (as long as the fans wish them to see there). And we all know fans never get enough of their favorites, they always want more. Chapters like Bruce Wayne, Wolverine can be considered as the superstars of the comics world. These characters have had iconic runs but they also overshadow many great potential characters. These great potential characters barely get an opportunity to shine and go mainstream.

Most of the Superheroes and Superhero Teams are Forgotten

7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader
7 Harsh Realities of Being a Comics Reader

There have been tons of comics characters, superheroes and even superhero teams who have been created by comic book publications. Many of them have also been liked by many comic book lovers. However, not every team is Avengers or Justice League and not every superhero is Batman or Captain America. These characters or teams are also discarded or ignored as they create conflict with current big names. Many comics characters are dumped or forgotten by comic book publications. Other than missing your favorite character you can barely do anything. 

Many Comic Book Series are Canceled Quickly

Many Comic book series get canceled pretty quickly. There can be countless reasons behind the cancellation of a comics series. One of the factors is the financial backing and marketing, all comics publications are not Marvel Comics or DC Comics. Many comics publications barely get any marketing, even if they get it becomes very difficult for a small fish to survive in the water with huge sharks. Sometimes even the comics giants like DC and Marvel pull back because they think the comic book series might not work or it may create conflict with their existing storylines. At times they even become impatient with the product and barely give its characters & storylines a chance to establish and create a connect with the masses.

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