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How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life

How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life

How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life

How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life: All of us have made some mistakes in life, knowingly or unknowingly. And as they say deeds are never dead. Our mistakes eventually hunt us. With time we either realize our faults or some events make us realize our mistakes. One thing that realization and maturity brings is regret of doing that act. And with time the regret turns into guilt. It’s very difficult to live with guilt in life. The cycle of realization, regrets and guilt is never ending. But there are some ways that can help you in overcoming the vicious cycle of Guilt and regret.

Acknowledge your wrong doings or guilt

The first step towards overcoming guilt and regrets is acknowledging your wrong doings or guilt. Most of us always try to justify our faults and look for a narrow escape. However, running away or ignoring your guilt isn’t the solution. If you cannot be honest with anyone at least try to be honest with yourself. Acknowledge all your faults and wrong doings without any justification. Don’t try to put blame on the situation, time or people for your faults. With a pinch of salt accept what you have done and acknowledge your emotions & feelings.

How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life
How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life

Apologize if needed

At times we tend to hurt our near and dear ones. And fail to share our feelings & emotions with them. If you feel that your guilt is because of your actions towards someone then don’t hesitate to apologize. Apologizing isn’t an act of weakness or helplessness. Instead it’s a mental & emotional level where you have the courage to accept your mistakes and empathy to feel others pain. Even starting a conversation at times can be a very difficult task. While apologizing someone can get awkward at times. But you need to show some will and apologize for your mistakes if needed. Just remember the apology should be unconditional without any justifications. You shall only justify or clarify if the other person wants you to clarify the matter. An apology with justifications is more like an obligation than a regretful sorry.

Live in the present

Most people who are caught up in the emotion of guilt and regrets live in the past. People who suffer from guilt and regrets generally think about their past mistakes. Or are always thinking about what could have been done in those moments. Few people even make their old good memories their crutches of happiness and survival. These people mostly live in their past memories and rarely focus on the present. By doing so they miss out on many valuable moments & memories. Try being in the present. If your regrets haunt you a lot, initially try escaping the triggers until you get hold of your problem or emotion. A conversation with some close friend or family can be very beneficial in such times.

How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life
How to get over Guilt and Regrets in Life

Forgive yourself 

With all said and done. The most important aspect of overcoming guilt and regret is forgiving yourself. You need to forgive yourself if you wish to escape the vicious cycle of regrets and guilt. If you can forgive yourself then how can you expect anyone else to forgive you. You need to understand that whatever you have done or faced was a part of life that can’t be changed. And you as a person should celebrate at least you were able to realize and accept your faults or guilt. You should be proud of your maturity and transformation. Look at the positive side like you as a person has transformed and have reached a point of overcoming your guilts & regrets in life.

Move On in Life

The final step is to move on. Don’t over analyze the situations and events once you overcome your guilt and regrets. The only thing you should take into the future from your past experiences is the learning. The learning and the lessons should be the only remains of your traumatic or undesired past. Move in life and break free from the vicious cycle of guilt and regrets. 

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