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12 Laws of Karma

12 Laws of Karma

12 Laws of Karma

12 Laws of Karma: Depending on whomever you ask, there are several opinions on what karma really is. While some hold to the traditional interpretation rooted in Eastern religions, others interpret it more in line with a Western conception of good and evil. This can consequently result in various interpretations of how karma functions in life. Karma literally translates to “activity” in Sanskrit. Many people have misunderstandings about what karma actually is and how it relates to our lives, say experts.  But many experts prefer to view karma as more nuanced than simply “good” or “evil.”

Dr. Jennifer Rhodes, a professional psychologist, claims that karma is just those events or encounters that direct us toward our greater goal. We frequently lose track of signals because we are carried away, which leads us to assume that we have a lot of ‘bad’ karma. To alter our direction and advance toward our higher goal, Rhodes says, those circumstances are merely signals. The process is about removing what is not us while becoming who we truly are, not by being perfect, she continues.

A specialist in meditation and mindfulness, Tejal Patel views karma as a circle of the sequence of events that is about action rather than the outcome. According to her, Karma is a concept of how to spend our lives so we may actually become the best versions of ourselves and lead the most satisfying lives we choose. Since the future isn’t predetermined, Patel asserts that we have the power to alter it through the decisions, attitudes, and actions we make today.

The great law, sometimes known as the cause-and-effect rule

According to Patel, when most people discuss karma, they most likely mean the grand principle of cause and effect. According to this law, any thoughts or energies you give out will be returned to you in like manner. In order to get what you want, you must reflect on and deserve it. You get what you sow is the underlying principle.

The principle of creation

Life is not something that just happens to us, as the principle of creation emphasizes. Instead of hoping for someone or something to come your way on its own, you need to work harder to make stuff happen in your life. Think about that how you can use your abilities, talents, and capabilities to produce something that will help you as well as others.

12 Laws of Karma
12 Laws of Karma

The rule of modesty

The law of modesty, according to Paul Harrison, author of The Daily Meditation, is founded on the idea that you need to be humble enough to acknowledge that your present circumstances are the product of your earlier choices. Harrison argues that you must acknowledge that you produced this situation by not doing as effectively as you could have if, for instance, you’re blaming your co-workers for your subpar performance at work.

The growth law

Everyone needs to grow. You must start with yourself if you want to make the world a better place. This is due to the fact that true progress or personal growth starts with what you can alter yourself, not other people. The law of progress also considers the elements beyond of your reach and how you handle accepting this outcome. In the end, your attention must be on you rather than attempting to influence those or things surrounding you.

The responsibility principle

The rule of responsibility, according to Seattle, Washington-based yoga instructor Alex Tran, is her favorite principle to discuss. It serves as an indicator that you are responsible for your life’s events. It serves as a terrific reminder that you are responsible for your own actions. This takes away your ability to seek the source of your difficulties outside of yourself, says Tran. She frequently uses the phrase “You are the result of the decisions you make” to explain the karma law of accountability.

The law of connection

This principle is based on the idea that every aspect of your life: past, present, and future are interconnected. Furthermore, the decisions you make today will determine who you are tomorrow.

12 Laws of Karma
12 Laws of Karma

The rule of focus

Over-concentration might cause you to become frustrated and negative. It can also slow you down. You are advised to focus on one item at a time because of the law of focus.

The law of reciprocity and hospitality

You must support the causes you support. This law explains the significance of your behaviors and how they reveal your inner beliefs.

The law of here and now

You must accept the present if you want to be at peace. You can only do this once you stop holding on to old, harmful ideas or habits. You’ll keep reliving the past if you give it too much attention.

The law of change

This law states that until you take action to interrupt the cycle and learn from your mistakes, history will keep repeating itself. Change provides you with a fresh start, allowing you to break free from old habits and be a finer version of yourself for the future.

12 Laws of Karma
12 Laws of Karma

The law of reward and patience

We must be constant in our karmic activities today in order to create change in the future. If you maintain consistency in your goals, they will materialize.

The principle of  inspiration and significance

Each of us has a role to play and something to offer the world. Even while what we share with others may at times seem insignificant to us, it can have a profound impact on their lives. When you need a boost in motivation or start to feel like you don’t have a purpose or matter, the law of inspiration and significance is an excellent law to concentrate on. Every input you make will have an impact on the world, according to this law. You were given a unique gift, a distinct mission, and a purpose that only you can share with the world. You’re here to authentically share your talents and abilities.

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