First let me clarify that I quite enjoyed HADLEY AND GRACE. I will not be forgetting the story any time in the near future. I whipped directly through it, and can genuinely say it was never boring. The writer, Suzanne Redfern, is incredibly talented. She has made a few characters, strikingly different from one another, that I fell in love with. The amazing criminal experience is conveyed for the most part by the character improvement, and the manner by which two ladies, and three kids, band together, in desperation, to turn into a family of sorts. If you like poignant stories about human instinct and the capacity of flexibility to conquer incredible obstructions, this book is for you.

I picked HADLEY AND GRACE since I LOVED the novels written by Suzanne Redfearn, IN AN INSTANT. There is a real threat for any writer who is required to “top” a past novel, that sets an outlandishly high bar for all that they compose after. HADLEY AND GRACE is not close to as great as IN AN INSTANT. (Simply analyze the nature of the two book titles. One is a horrible title for a book and the other one is darn close to perfect!).

The primary issue I had with HADLEY AND GRACE was the eye rolling impossibility. All things considered, while the connections, and the feelings that go with them, feel very real, the actual conditions, could never at any point occur, in reality. real individuals do not get and hook up (accomplice, become companions, loan their vehicles, or engage in sexual relations) with outsiders in anything close to the manner in which things unfurl in the story. Until you truly begin to know and like the characters, you, like me, might be enjoying a little eye rolling yourself. It is REALLY difficult to believe several absurd scenes in the book.

HADLEY AND GRACE is enchanting however, it is one of those book that continues to improve and better. There is a ton to be said for completing a book smiling, and wishing you knew these individuals in real life.

Try not to read it because you liked Thelma and Louise or skip it, since you hated it. It might have simply been contrasted with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidd- – aside from Hadley and Grace are a current form, raised to legend status by the news media, web-based media and an adoring, who are happy to ignore their criminal conduct. The media distribute stories calling them “Mama Bears” and contrasting them with Thelma and Louise (a story the book’s writer was inspired by.)

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