Female supervillains have just as significant roles as female superheroes. They are brave, and powerful, and have their own back stories. They don’t know how to hold back when they fight. In this article we are going to read about the top 8 female supervillains in DC Universe – these female super villains are not just popular in DC Universe but the entire comic world.

Killer Frost

Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC Universe - Killer Frost
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseKiller Frost

Killer Frost in existence is three separate women named Crystal Frost, Louise Lincoln, and Caitlin Snow. Crystal came first; her strength was to take heat from mankind and project ice and cold. She went on a killing spree after receiving her powers and abilities. She died after absorbing a lot of heat from the Firestorm. Killer Frost number two is Louise Lincoln. She was a friend and work colleague to Crystal. Lincoln was just equally brutal as Crystal. She sold her soul for more strength and power. Caitlin Snow took on the mantle after she was summoned to examine a suicide case. It was a trap by H.I.V.E agents who planned to kill her.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniversePoison Ivy

Poison is a plant-obsessed supervillain. She has a strong affinity for earth and nature. She has faced off with Batman several times. Ivy can command and control all plants. Ivy is a botanist and biologist. She has developed mutant plants that are lethal. She can command plants to uproot themselves to choke her victims.


Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC Universe - Enchantress
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseEnchantress

Enchantress is a powerful sorceress. She can manipulate energy and utilize it in several ways. This is one of those characters which is owned by both DC and Marvel. She can heal and teleport from one place to another. In the past, she took down Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg all at once. She has defeated other female supervillains as well.



For several years audiences have witnessed different versions of Cheetah but the most popular interesting is Dr Barbara Ann Minerva. She is a skilled linguist and archaeologist fascinated by the lost Amazon culture. She helped Wonder Woman learn English when she came to the US. Later, Barbara made a pact with Urzkartaga, altering her into a Cheetah by providing her unnatural speed and strength.

Silver Banshee

Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC Universe - Silver Banshee
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseSilver Banshee

There are two Silver Banshees in existence. Both of them are known for being Superman’s enemies. They have superhuman strength and have held combats against Supergirl and Superman. Her superpower is “The Death Wail” or her sonic scream. It is capable of killing people; she just has to know her target’s real name. Second Silver Banshee can speak to animals and also any language the moment she hears it.


Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseJinx

Jinx is the leader of the Fearsome Five. To use her full extent of powers, she needs to be barefoot and have them on the ground. At her full power, she can draw out emerald flames, create earthquakes, release strong wind blasts, and disintegrate solid objects. She has fought the Teen Titans on several occasions.

Granny Goodness

Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC Universe - Granny Goodness
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseGranny Goodness

Granny is one of the New Gods of Apokolips. Her task is to train others to serve Darkseid. She is an authentically horrifying character. Granny is playing with people’s emotions. She is punishing others with her sadistic pain for upsetting her. It is Granny Goodness’s manipulative psychological abuse that makes her such an efficient villain.

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul
Top 8 Female Supervillains in DC UniverseTalia al Ghul

Ras al Ghul’s daughter Talia al Ghul has surpassed her father in all the ways possible. She is a skilful leader. She has commanded the forces of both the splinter group Leviathan and the League of Assassins. Talia and Batman are ex-lovers and they have a son together named Damian Wayne. However, the time Damian opposed Talia; she did not hesitate to order Damien to be killed.

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