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Fairy Tale by Stephen king

Fairy Tale by Stephen King | Book Review and Podcast

Fairy Tale by Stephen king

Stephen King created this spellbinding novel Fairy Tale with the help of his profound imagination. The story follows a 17-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a parallel world. He is compelled to play the hero under certain circumstances. It is a place where both good and evil conflict. The hazard of this other world could not be any higher for their world and ours. This story is as old as myth and as iconic and astounding as King’s other works. The outcome of this novel is both fascinating and fulfilling.

Charlie Reade seems like an ordinary regular high school boy. He is a decent student and is great at sports like football and basketball. However, he has a heavy load on him. His mother was killed during a hit-and-run incident when he was just ten years old. This incident drowned his father in alcohol as a coping habit and he lost his father to alcohol. Consequently, Charlie had to learn how to take care of both his father and himself.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King | Book Review and Podcast
Fairy Tale by Stephen King | Book Review and Podcast

When Charlie turned seventeen, he got familiar with a loner named Howard Bowditch with a big dog named Radar in a huge house at the top of a huge hill. The time when Mr. Bowditch dies, he leaves the house, with a cassette tape with an unbelievable story, a massive amount of gold, and a responsibility too heavy for a shoulder like Charlie’s.

With this growing friendship, it is only natural for me to be in his house. In the backyard of this big house, there is a locked shed from which bizarre sounds emerge. It sounds like a certain creature is trying to escape from this place. Within the shed, there is a portal to another world. In this world, the denizens are in danger. Their monstrous leaders may manage to wipe out their world and ours as well. This parallel universe has two Moons racing across the sky and grand towers of the palace that pierces the clouds. There are exiled princes and princesses who suffer unbearable punishments; there are dungeons and games where men and women must fight each other till death for the amusement of the “Fair one”.

Stephen King made sure to create Charlie’s as naturally as possible. Another aspect other than the plot is that this story is personal for King – some incidents such as Charlie’s mother’s vehicle incidents, alcohol, and more. Like the quintessential works of Stephen King, Fairy Tales also offers a similar sense of sweet escape from all the hassle of earthquakes, war, death, and more. This book is presented as a light in the dark. It is a story where hope, compassion, love, and benevolence can win the day, after all this is a fairy tale.

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Book Review and Podcast ( Fairy Tale by Stephen King )

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