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Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

In general, goals are divided into two categories – long-term and short-term. Long-term goals are plans that we make for our future, typically after a year or more. The long-term goals consist of career, lifestyle, family, and retirement goals. People set long-term goals by envisioning their future after five to twenty years from the present moment. And, to accomplish this long-term goal, they use short-term goals. Here in this article, we are going to read about the types of long-term and short-term goals.

Types of Long-term Goals

What is Long-Term Goal?

You can achieve long-term goals by setting them for the future. It takes careful planning and substantial preparation to accomplish these aims. They frequently include a number of more compact or short-term objectives spread out along the timeline. Even if the measurement of long-term goals is relative, it frequently takes several years to achieve them. Long-term goals may include those related to our relationships, careers, health, and education. Long-term objectives could include being promoted to a senior position in the cloud computing industry, and short-term objectives could include earning a cloud computing certification. It could take a month or two to finish the cloud computing certification, depending on the certification. However, advancing to a senior-level post requires years of experience and a lot of effort.

Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals
Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

Life Goal

A life goal is what we refer to as a long-term goal. It includes all the things that you want to achieve in your life. They can be short and more personal, and some can be large and challenging. This goal includes several things such as a good academic life, career, savings, health insurance, good relationships, a car, a house, travel destinations, and more.

5 Year Goal

Your 5-year goals mainly concern your academic and career goals. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? These 5 years have the ability to accomplish some of your life goals. Remember, these five years are vital as financial goals are also intertwined. If you want to get a job, a car, and a healthy work-life balance you need to buckle up and focus on being determined.

1 Year Goals

One-year goals consist of your vision. It generally looks like, getting a degree or preparing for an exam, and more. In this one year, you try to envision your next five years and how you are going to fulfill all the set goals. This one year is one step towards another year. During this 1 year, you try to maintain a balance between your healthy habits and goals which will boost your daily life.

Types of Short-term Goals

What is short-term Goal?

Short-term goals helps you improve yourself by establishing attainable goals you can accomplish in a short amount of time. A career counsellor or your manager can ask you to complete a worksheet that helps you identify short-term goals as part of a performance evaluation. Both personal and professional short-term goals can be used, and your methods for achieving them are likely to cross over.

Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals
Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

3 Month Goals

3-month goals are for staying persistent with your weekly goals and trying to include your priorities in between less important tasks. This goal generally includes preparing for a vital exam, eating healthy, planning a small trip with friends, and more. You can also learn new things such as a language learning course. These 3 months are important for self-reflection and getting into a habit. So, make sure that you have all the right habits in your 1-month goal to have a proper 3-month goal.

1 Month Goals

When we talk about monthly goals we try to do a lot of our daily goals. It consists of preparing for an upcoming exam, reading a certain amount of books, working for a certain hour, working out every day, keeping track of journal, having no social media, and more. During this one month, you need to remove bad habits and adopt new habits.

Weekly Goals

Your weekly goal depends on your monthly goal. How many books can your read? What are the chapters that you can cover? How many previous year entrance papers can you complete in a week? Can you accomplish the weekly course of edX? These are some of the common examples of what your weekly goals would look like. Make sure that your goals are measurable. Create an end-of-week ritual to evaluate and reflect on your accomplishments.

Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals
Types of Long-term and Short-term Goals

Daily Goals

Your daily goal involves words such as productive, gloomy, lazy, and more. It depends on how you are spending it. The daily goal is to check out the to-do list. It is a list that you create based on your weekly goals. While making your to-do list you need to keep in mind how much more you can work to get closer to the weekly goal. Your daily goals could include reading 50-60 pages of a book, working out, prioritizing health, etc.

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